4 Best Software to Make Music in 2022

Are you an aspiring artist who wishes to make music but does not know where to start? Well, the first thing that you should be doing is to decide which software you will be using to make your music. Just like photo and video editing, you can find different software for editing music. However, this would depend entirely on the type of music you wish to create.

However, before choosing software, you need to select a great internet service so that you could purchase the license for the software and download it on your computer. For that matter, you should look into Xfinity internet prices since it provides reliable internet all over the country.  

Moving back to the software you should download to make good music, here’s a list that could help you decide which one you should be getting:


Ableton is one of the most popular software used by musicians all over the world. It is loved by a lot of DJs and music producers who are specific to the electronic niche. Ableton comes in three different tiers; Intro, Standard, and Suite. Originating from Germany and California, it is used in live performances as well due to its reliability. Another key feature of getting Ableton is that regardless of whatever package you get, you just have to pay once!

The Intro package of the software is the basic plan and it comes with 16 MIDI and audio tracks by default. It also gives you 16 scenes, 8 mono audio input channels, 2 send and return tracks, and 8 audio output channels. The Standard package provides you unlimited MIDI and audio tracks, unlimited scenes, and a total of 256 mono input and output channels. You also have the option of audio slicing and audio to MIDI conversion tool in this package. The Suite package comes with even more perks you can use for your tracks and numerous content that comes by default. You may even add audio effects with this package.

Avid Pro Tools

Second to Ableton is Avid Pro Tools which is just as popular as Ableton is, all over the world. Avid Pro Tools is the kind of software that gives you the best environment you would need while you are creating music. It provides you with a lot of creative space. If you are someone who is a bit restricted when it comes to your budget, then Avid Pro Tools is the software that you should get. Unlike Ableton, this software is available in two specific tiers.

The first tier that you may get is Pro Tools which is pretty much the same as its higher tier, Pro Tools Ultimate, but the only difference is that it restricts you from workflows that would make your music creation easier and more diverse. Pro Tools Ultimate is a bit more complex than Pro Tools but it is one of the best options for people who are experts at making music. You can get Avid in monthly installments and you can begin your journey of making brilliant music.


Audacity can be seen as vintage software when it comes to editing music. Audacity was created by two university students and, even today, is one of the most popular open-source software. Undeniably, the best part of using Audacity is that it comes for free; you don’t have to pay a subscription fee. Being an open-source software, Audacity also allows you to tweak changes in the code of the software so that you could sell it off with added modifications.

You also have the option of recording media in the program using a mixer and a mic and you can start editing the raw content that you import into Audacity. Since Audacity has an easy-to-use interface, it is easy for anyone to use once you figure out how the software works.


Not only does the United Kingdom make great music but it also makes amazing software to make all that brilliant music. Such an example is Waveformwhich takes its roots in the UK. Just like Audacity, Waveform has a user-friendly interface as well, with all its controls right in front of you so that you may make music with ease and convenience. There are two versions of Waveform that you can get, one being Free and the other Pro.

The free version gives you a lot to work with despite coming at no cost at all. You can start off by using this version since you would not need a Pro version while you are in the learning phase. The Pro version, however, offers you a lot and you can get Waveform 12 Pro for $149 and the all-in-one bundle for $999. However, the prices may be subject to change with time. You only have to make a one-time payment, which saves you on cost and time in comparison to getting monthly installments.

Wrapping Up

Dreaming of making amazing music is always the first step. The next essential step is picking out the software that you would use to make the music, which is also the most crucial part. This list should be helpful enough to help you reach a decision on which software you should be investing in, depending on the type of music that you make.

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