7 Best Legacy Dungeon Mount Drops In World Of Warcraft

When you want to ride in the style of the Legacy era. When World of Warcraft: Dragonflight comes out, players can’t wait to check out everything it has to offer. Between grinding at the end of the game and moving up the leaderboards, World of Warcraft has two decades worth of story, collectibles, and old gear to look at.

You can add to your digital collection by going through old dungeons and grabbing the unique drops they have. Some legacy dungeons can drop unique mounts that will make other players look at you with envy. Take charge of these great horses and ride with style (provided a little luck comes your way).

Raven Lord

Raven Lord is a Hawkstrider that Anzu in the Sethekk Halls dropped. It is black and blue. The big bird has a beautiful color pattern that goes well with its royal, but fierce, glowing eyes. Even though the huge raven can’t fly with those small wings, it’s still funny to think about.

Its elegant look falls apart because it moves like a chicken without a head. Which is quite endearing in a funny way. Also, Kael’thas Sunstrider at Magisters’ Terrace will give you a white version of the horse if you kill him.

Vitreous Stone Drake

There are dragons of every kind, shape, and size in World of Warcraft. The Vitreous Stone Drake stands out because it is a magical dragon with glowing gems and minerals all over its body. The creature’s beautiful blue and green color shines brightest at night or in dark places. Like a bioluminescent jellyfish in the middle of the ocean. Lovely in every way.

You can take your chances with the painfully low chance that Slabhide, a boss in Stonecore, will drop something. The emerald drake can also show up at the auction house on the Black Market. On the other hand, the Phosphorescent Stone Drake is a purple and bronze version that is corrupted and can be stolen from Aeonaxx in Deepholm.

Zulian Panther

If you’re tired of fancy, over-designed, high-fantasy mounts, the Zulian Panther‘s simplicity makes it stand out. You are riding on a fierce panther that doesn’t have any armor. So it can show off its natural black and silver coat. The panther is based on the Nightsaber model, which is usually ridden by Night Elves. This means that it will have the characteristic long fangs.

The few other cat mounts are either magical beings, completely covered in armor, or made of solid stone and gems. Also, this is the only Nightsaber mount that Horde players can get. Since most of them are only for Alliance players. You can get the Zulian Panther in Zul’Gurub from High Priestess Kilnara or by bidding on it at the Black Market Auction House.

Cartel Master’s Gearglider

The Cartel Master’s Gearglider is a stylish metal disc that can fly. It was made for the richest cartel bosses in the Shadowlands. It’s powered by a blazing blue flame, which could be anima. Since you use mortal souls to power your afterlife hoverboard, the mount is pretty morbid.

But logic and empathy aside, it’s a great way to show off your new outfit. Because it gives your character a shiny place to stand. You could get the mount from So’leah in Tazavesh, the Veiled Market, in Shadowlands. If you wanted to be a broker.

Tomb Stalker

In World of Warcraft ‘s Battle for Azeroth expansion, the theme of ancient civilizations, forbidden magic, and modern technology came up again and again. The visual themes of the expansion carried over into the Tomb Stalker, a dinosaur that had been fossilized and then brought back to life. When you ride the huge beast, you’ll feel like a feared warrior-king.

The item description says that these animals were buried with their masters to help them get to the afterlife. And the Tomb Stalker, who is half dead and dressed in traditional ceremonial clothes and wrapped in bandages, fits the look perfectly.


Karazhan is an abandoned castle that used to belong to Medivh. It is haunted and full of evil creatures in 8 Ball Pool game. Attune the Huntsman is at the bottom of the tower, riding a blood-red horse covered in armor and decorated with skulls. If you can keep fighting her off, you can take the dangerous horse for yourself.

Midnight looks like a skeleton warhorse from hell. Thanks to details like its curved horns and spiked flail for a tail. The red bead that looks like an eye gives it a creepy look that goes well with your Death Knight, Demon Hunter, or Warlock.


In Battle for Azeroth, Freehold is a dungeon with a pirate theme. One of the bosses of the instance, Skycap’n Kragg, is a drunk orc who fights with his huge, colorful Scarlet Macaw. Sharkbait is loyal to whoever has its favorite crackers. Which you can strategically get from the last boss in the dungeon.

It has a personality, which is rare for World of Warcraft ‘s stoic mounts, because its face is always angry. Like the real bird it is based on, its fiery red feathers fade into a softer orange color. On top of that, one of Sharkbait’s talons was replaced with a cheap hook, making it a must-have mount for your pirate outfit.

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