8 Best Node.js Tools for Developers to Increase  Productivity

When creating web applications, you cannot overlook the importance of Node.js. Node.js frameworks are unique because they provide tools to build various use cases without wasting time. This is one of the reasons app developers UK appreciate these frameworks very much.

If you’re using a technology as widely used as Node.js, it’s common to have a huge and engaged community of programmers who never stop at work on the. This is why selecting the right framework is difficult, especially when you have many options.

In this article, we’ll go over the basics of what Node.js is and the reason it’s so popular. We’ll also give you the most recent list of the top 8 Node Frameworks and more details about their features. Let’s start!

What exactly is Node.js?

  • Node js technology is used to run and manage multiple concurrent connections rapidly. This gives you a high capacity for scaling.
  • Node.js operates using a single thread, unlike other web-serving methods that require each connection to take up space in RAM. In addition, it makes use of block-free I/O calls, ensuring that the system can handle hundreds of simultaneous connections with no delay.
  • Node.js is widely used across various applications, such as video streaming or chat. It is a viable option wherever the task doesn’t have a lot of CPUs. Let’s see how using Node.js is beneficial.

Why do we use Node.js?

In 2021, more than 30 million websites embraced Node.js as well. It has grown to rank as the sixth most used technology. The greatest thing about Node.js is that it utilizes Google’s V8 engine for its basis. Google’s Chrome browser also runs using that same platform. Here is a list of the advantages of using Node.js.

  • Node.js provides asynchronous, event-driven architecture. This makes programming as simple as possible without preventing all requests.
  • Node.js uses JavaScript (JS) technology that app developers UK widely use. Thus, the process of learning Node.js isn’t a problem, and it also allows programmers to create JS code that can be used for both the servers and clients of the program.
  • Node Package Manager “NPM” includes thousands of open-source modules and tools to aid developers in their journey. The diverse and vibrant community also is responsible for introducing new tools regularly.

You now know the reason why making use of Node.js could be beneficial for you. Let us know why using Node.js can be beneficial. First, let’s get into the top Node.js tools for developers.

The best node js development tools for developers:

Node.js is a well-known runtime environment that allows you to create functional applications. Today, we offer the top Node.js tools for app developers UK that will help you develop faster. With these tools, you can create solid applications in a short period.

Before discussing Node.js tools for developers, let’s first talk about the basics of what Node.js is and its advantages.

This is an overview of the top Node.js tools you can utilize to help make the development process more enjoyable.


  • Express.js is a renowned Node.js framework. Its minimal framework and speedy scaling allow for stunning web applications. 
  • Also, developers can quickly utilize Express.js to build APIs since it supports a wide selection of HTTP methods.
  • As time has passed, the developer community has created a variety of frameworks using Express.js as the basis.

  • It is essential to be aware of apps such as Zimmer, Microsoft Office & Trello. 
  • All of these, as well as many other apps, are developed using the aid of
  • It’s a very popular framework because it can quickly send data to clients to provide live-time graphics. 
  • It is also widely used to develop chat and messaging features. The feature for concurrent editing of Microsoft is based on as well.


  • Meteor is a Node.js technology that allows cross-platform development. i.e., developers can write code to code for iOS, Android, and web-based applications simultaneously.
  • A meteor can reduce the code needed and increase developers’ efficiency. 
  • It also works well with MongoDB. In addition, meteor is a quick and simple-to-use platform that functions well with various existing development tools.


  • Keystone.js is most famous for its Content Management System (CMS) framework, which uses Express.js.
  • Developers use the framework to build websites and APIs for web-based applications.
  • Keystone.js is a cult favorite due to its simple-to-use and manageable platform.
  • However, when creating a CMS creating a strong administration UI is essential. Keystone.js makes it easy to accomplish these tasks.


  • PM2 is an administrator of processes. PM2 is responsible for assessing whether the application is running well.
  • It also allows the application to reload when it is down. 
  • It eliminates the developers’ fear of needing to reboot the program if there is an error.


  • Passport.js is an authentication middleware that works with Node.js. 
  • Passport.js is compatible with any web application built on the Express.js framework.
  • It’s a very versatile tool for authenticating your apps.


  • The same team develops koa as Express.js. 
  • Koa is the next-generation web framework that is compatible with Node.js.
  • Koa is more sophisticated than Express.js and doesn’t require any middleware.
  • It comes with plugins that support actions such as routing and caching, compression, etc.
  • Koa is also able to minimize errors and eliminate callbacks.


  • Mocha.js is a JavaScript test framework developed on Node.js. 
  • It lets developers test their code using the console and the browser. 
  • The speedy test suite in Mocha.js helps integrate with unit tests.
  • It is compatible with Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and Test-Driven Development (TDD).
  • The main benefit of Mocha.js Mocha.js is modularity. It’s flexible when working with other libraries, such as Chai and Sinon.


  • Webpack is a favored Node.js tool because it’s significantly faster than other tools in serving and bundling assets. 
  • It also makes deployment easier, making the development process easier to manage.
  • Additionally, it decreases the loading time for initial pages by bundling JS pages for insertion into the browser.


  • BlueBird.js can be described as a promise-based library. 
  • It regulates asynchronous code by arranging the files into specific ones. 
  • BlueBird.js helps keep the quality of your code under control.


Node.js comes with a variety of tools to aid in making the life of a developer simple. Express.js, and Keystone.js are all Node.js frameworks for developers that are used for various reasons. Take a look at these tools to boost productivity. Basic knowledge and appreciation of Node.js tools will allow you to beat the field and create seamless applications.

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