A Complete Guideline Lash Artists Lash Faster With Fast Dry Glue?

As a lash artist, one of the most important things you can do to improve your craft is to work more efficiently. This means being able to work faster without sacrificing the quality of your work. One way to achieve this is by using fast-drying glue. In this blog, we will discuss how lash artists can apply lashes faster with fast dry glue.

What is Fast Dry Glue?

Fast dry glue is a type of adhesive that dries quickly, allowing lash artists to work faster and more efficiently. This type of glue is specifically designed for lash extensions and is often used by professionals who want to speed up their lashing process.

How Does This Glue Work?

The quickly drying glue works by using a combination of ingredients that promote fast drying times. Typically, fast-drying glue contains cyanoacrylate, which is a common adhesive used in a variety of industries. This ingredient reacts with moisture in the air, causing it to harden and dry quickly. In addition, this glue may also contain accelerators, which speed up the drying process even more.

Benefits of Using Fast Dry Glue

Using fast dry glue can offer several benefits for lash artists. These are a few of the most notable benefits for a lash artist:

  • Saves Time: The most significant benefit of using fast-drying glue is that it can save you time. When the glue dries quickly, you can move on to the next lash extension much faster, allowing you to complete your work more efficiently.
  • Reduces Fumes: Many fast-drying types of glue produce fewer fumes than other types of glue, making it a more pleasant experience for both you and your clients.
  • Improves Retention: Fast-dry glue often has better retention than other types of glue. This means that lash extensions are less likely to fall out, resulting in a longer-lasting set of lashes for your client.

Tips for Using Lash Glue

While fast-drying glue can be an excellent tool for lash artists, it does require some skill and practice to use it effectively. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your fast dry glue:

  • Control the Environment: When working with fast-drying glue, it is important to control the environment to ensure that the glue dries properly. This means keeping the temperature and humidity levels consistent, as these factors can affect the drying time of the glue.
  • Use the Right Amount: It is important to use the right amount of glue when working with fast-drying glue. Using too little can result in poor retention while using too much can create clumps and excess glue buildup.
  • Practice Proper Application Techniques: To work efficiently with fast-drying glue, it is essential to practice proper application techniques. This means using the correct amount of glue, applying the extension at the right angle, and ensuring that the extension is placed in the correct position.
  • Work Quickly: With fast-drying glue, you need to work quickly to ensure that the glue dries before you move on to the next extension. This requires a certain level of skill and practice, so be patient with yourself as you learn.


The glue can be a valuable tool for lash artists who want to work more efficiently. By using this type of glue, lash artists can save time, reduce fumes, and improve retention. However, using fast-drying glue requires some skill and practice, so it is important to take the time to learn proper application techniques and control the environment in which you work. With the right approach, this glue can be a game-changer for lash artists looking to improve their craft.

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