Advantages Or Disadvantages Of Smartphones

Mobile phones are one of the biggest inventions of humans till now. Mobile phones decades ago or mobile phones now both categories have huge difference .In this article, we are going to discuss some advantages or disadvantages of smartphones or mobile phones. Most of the people know the advantages of cell phones but when it comes about disadvantages they don’t have any clue.

Since the time internet has become cheaper to access from that time the demand of smartphones of iOS (apple iPhones) have increased.

New generation is much comfortable or engaged with the smartphone technology as comparison to the older generation. This is also a biggest reason increasing the demand of mobile phones. The way we see the advantages of something, we should also see the disadvantages as well.

Advantages of Smartphones

  1. Communication- Now, communicate with anyone from one place to another has become very easy or simple with the help of Smartphone. If you stay in India or your family is in US so you can be at their contact through video call, calls, text messages, whatsapp messages or calls. Distance between people has reduced now.

Back in the past when there were no Smartphone or internet, people used to write letter and courier them to the mentioned address. But now there is no need to do that, we can contact to anyone at anytime.

  • Entertainment- Your Smartphone helps you to get the access of entertainment like watches movies, series, video games, music, videos or many other things. If don’t have to go out and buy tickets to watch movies or spending money for the other entertainment sources. Simple you just sit home and your mobile phone will pass your time with full of entertainment.

People need entertainment to balance their life with their professional work. Every second person in today’s date has Smartphone and them the internet access as well which connects with the whole world.

  • Payment access- Since the UPI payment access has come up to the people, it has become much easier for people to make payment online. UPI is totally secure online payment method. Keeping mobile phone reduces the changes to theft you money because now everyone accepts the online payment.

If you are going somewhere outside for shopping or having some lunch, you can simply make your payment through your phone.

  •  Internet access- Internet has spread all over the world now. Everyone using internet from searching a location to buy things online. Without Smartphone it was not possible to take the usage of Smartphone at such a very high level. As internet has become cheaper now specially in India, everyone can afford internet with a very limited price.
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Disadvantages of Smartphones

  1. Weak eyesight- Using mobile phones in access may damage your eyesight and that’s the proven fact. More than 80% people are addicted to their phone. They don’t leave their phone from their hands for at least 5 mins. Mobile phones are much addicted because it gives you the access of internet with the help of which you can connect to the whole world and browse the news thing every second.
  • Distraction- Distraction leads you to the low productivity. Free access is good but if it becomes your addiction and you will be distracted all the time. Smartphone is much addictive tool and you don’t even realize that. Spending time over the social media platforms consumes you’re a lot of time and at the end of the day you regret about wasting your time.
  • Low focus power- Using phone all the time reduces your focus power. All the data which you consume on social media platform or other platforms are not the real data or based on the facts. The more you consume this type of information the more you cut off the reality and your focusing power will be reduced at some point of time.
  •  Health issues- Smartphone addiction hits to your over health also. People have started feeling neck pain, heachache, digestion problem or many more health issues. These are the long term health issues which occur over the period of time in long span.

This is one of the biggest disadvantages of Smartphone that in long term you may face some health issues mentally or physically both.

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