Applications Two-Factor Authentication for Business Security

Today, safeguarding your digital aspects is more crucial than it has ever been. The obvious reasons are the increasing number of cyberattacks and digital vulnerability. Such attacks can be a nightmare on a personal level but they can do a lot more damage to businesses. The sensitive data of customers and business has to be protected at all costs.  

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your business. There are so many different places where two authentications are better than one. Businesses with more sensitive data have to be even more careful.  

What Is Two-Factor Authentication? 

As the name suggests, two-factor authentication is the type of encryption that adds another layer of security to the login credentials by asking for an OTP (one-time password) to sign in. It is up to you whether you set OTP to send emails with the password or through SMS. You can get access only after inserting the one-time password. A benefit of OTPs is that they expire after some time and are always unique. Discover fast, reliable solutions for every business size. Cox Internet service is offered in a variety of different packages of speeds and features designed to fit your needs.


Besides OTPs, double encryption of other types may also account for two-factor or multiple-factor authentication. The following are some examples of how TFA can help your business with security: 

Application Sign-in Encryption 

There are different applications employees use every day like internal chat applications, Office 365, and different others. All these apps may have tons of company data that should be always protected. If hackers somehow find login credentials, they can complete access to your data.  

Two-factor authentication on these applications can protect you against unauthorized access. You can get email and phone alerts when someone tries to log in. This secondary wall of protection can help you make timely changes to your login credentials and prevent future attacks.  

The first thing you need to protect your accounts is to use a strong password. Create a password that is a mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Do not set easy-to-guess passwords like birthdays. In addition to a strong password, you can set up two-factor authentication. This combination can protect your accounts.  

Device Encryption 

Other than access to your accounts, protecting your devices is also crucial. People usually have all their passwords on autofill. So, unauthorized access to a device from your company can lead to several problems. Therefore, it is best to have multiple-factor authentication to get inside your device.  

To cover the vulnerabilities of your device, you can disable USB ports. Also, you can set a password to the storage of your company’s devices. Once a user gets the first password right, they can sign in to the device from the usual sign-in option. This type of sign-in can secure your devices from many problems.  

Another thing you can do for better security is set a frequency for employees to change passwords. Push notifications can alert an employee when a password is about to expire. This practice can save the devices from compromised passwords. 

Better Control of Office Access 

Physical access to your office can cause problems for your data security. Therefore, it is best to make timely arrangements. RFIDs can help you apply a physical form of two-factor authentication. You can have the scanners on different floors of your office building. 

The employee identification details can help security. On the other hand, RFID technology can be secondary protection. A major benefit of this technology is that you can limit the access of even the employees to other departments. Further, these IDs can record the activity like the time of entrance and exit. So, there are plenty of benefits of installing this system at your office.  

Conduct Basic Training on Cyber Security 

Two-factor authentications are strong but these encryptions are generally not foolproof. Also, you may have to work on other practices too like avoiding phishing emails and harmful links. The best way to raise awareness about these other tools of cybercriminals is to conduct sessions on basic cyber security. These sessions can help your team gap the bridges in their daily practices to enhance your company’s data security. Therefore, it is best to have such events.  


Two-factor authentication can secure your online assets as well as physical assets. You can set these encryptions with OTP passwords, multiple passwords on device logins, and physical access by RFIDs. So, their implementation can help your business’s security in many ways.  

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