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At Imprintalia we offer a global canvas banner printing service, from printing, finishing (reinforcements, eyelets, clothing, sheaths, etc.) and their installation and assembly.

Our company has extensive experience in canvas printing in Madrid, our facilities are located in Armanda del Rey.

Canvas printing is one of the most widely used outdoor advertising materials, due to its great resistance to bad weather, great durability, and low cost. Also the possibility of advertising without size limits and advertising your company on buildings, construction scaffolding, etc. (minimum duration outdoors 3 years).

The canvas is a material composed of melted PVC on the outside and an interwoven textile fiber on the inside that gives it great resistance to tearing.

Types of banner printing

Front lite or Classic canvas:

This is the most used in digital printing. It is ideal for any type of outdoor advertising, and suitable for small-medium formats. It has various applications, such as advertisements for the sale of flats, advertisements in buildings and warehouses, signage in venues and fairs, advertising at points of sale, advertising on lampposts, etc.

Another advantage is its easy installation and removal, being able to change the graphics and the advertising impact at a low cost.

Micro-perforated canvas or mesh:

350 g/m2 perforated canvas. Ideal for covering large surfaces due to its low wind resistance and lower weight than the classic canvas. Another of its main advantages is that it can be folded and folded without being marked and thus facilitates transport in any type of vehicle no matter how large the final size. Its main applications would be to cover construction scaffolding, rehabilitation of buildings and facades, stage backgrounds, advertising at sporting events, etc.

Backlit canvas:

A translucent canvas of 450 grey/m2. Indicated to backlight on its back. Its main application would be to install in light boxes, illuminated signs, illuminated billboards, etc.

Blackout canvas:

100% opaque canvas of 710 grs/m2, which has a black sheet inside, whose main use, would be to print on both sides. Its applications would be the printing of banners such as those placed on streetlights, facade flags with masts, and urban advertising with 2-sided vision.

Finishes and fabrication of tarpaulins

The banners can be presented with multiple finishes and preparations, which depending on their application and type of assembly; will provide our banners with the perfect finish for each occasion.

Canvas with straight cut or blood cut:

 The canvas would be delivered without applying any type of finish or preparation. It would just cut off at the edge of the print. This finish is usually used when they are stapled to a frame, stretched with a pressure frame, or simply not anchored.

Canvas with perimeter reinforcement:

A plastic tape of about 4.5 cm would be welded to the back of the canvas and around the entire perimeter, which multiplies its resistance to tearing and facilitates the subsequent tensioning of the canvas. Suitable for large format canvas Printing Near Me Washington, DC.

Canvas with eyelets or eyelets:

The canvas can be delivered with eyelets for easy installation and fixing. They are usually applied every 50 cm. on the perimeter of the canvas and are used when they are fixed to the wall with screws, to tighten them with ropes, flanges or to fix them to frames. Depending on the measurements of the canvas, several types can be used:

When the tarpaulins are small (<5 m2) metallic brass eyelets or transparent plastic eyelets are usually used, they are accompanied by a reinforcing square on the back to prevent tearing and provide great resistance when tension is applied.

-When the tarpaulins are medium-large in size, high-frequency heat-sealed PVC eyelets are usually used, which are placed on the back of the tarpaulin and only a small hole is visible on the part of the graphic. This eyelet has great resistance (up to 400 kg of force per eyelet).

Canvas with sheaths or hem:

This type of finish is done when they are going to be inserted into a tube, placed on masts, placed against weights, etc. It is made with the same canvas, lengthening it and giving it twice the diameter of the support + 3 cm to stick the canvas.

There are other types of finishes such as sticking Velcro from behind to fix it to structures (pop-up type), putting 2-sided adhesives on them, joining cloths, sewing, and making 2-sided tarpaulins.

Counterweight bars, aluminum toothpicks, flanges, etc. can also be supplied.

Canvas Printing

In our company we do everything on our part to be able to cover the printing of banners with the efficiency and agility that the clientele demands. By going to Imprintalia you can ensure that you fully enjoy the possibilities that this material offers you in terms of advertising. It is a versatile option, allowing easy installation in any environment. If you want to install a temporary but attractive and resistant graphic material, this is one of the best possible solutions. Advertise your promotions or take advantage of the need to cover any type of work to offer a striking visual resource.

We offer users multiple types of tarpaulins so that they can have the one that best suits their requirements. Front lift or classic canvas (in PVC, the most used, ideal for small and medium formats due to its great advertising impact and low cost), micro-perforated canvas (ideal for large surfaces due to its low wind resistance and lower weight; with great possibilities to be folded and stored without generating folds), backlit canvas (to provide backlighting effects), blackout canvas (printing of banners, advertising for facades…).

Canvas printing with a high specialization

Advertising language has codes that, even more so when it is presented in large format, must be respected. The visual quality, the respect for the original colors, and the perfect translation of this language for its enjoyment in outdoor environments are factors that we never lose sight of when we approach the expression of designs on canvas or in any other of the multiple formats that we deal with, including from vinyl printing to all kinds of interior and exterior signs, a task that we can carry out for our clients in an agile, reliable and 100% professional manner.

For the printing of posters with any type of characteristics, we offer users maximum guarantees. We work every day to ensure customers and users the best service. We have a team of qualified professionals and the best technical means on the market.

Entrust us with the work you require to have advertising banners and count not only on quality printing but also on the guarantees of first-class support. The materials we work with ensure minimum durability outdoors, in perfect conditions, of around three years.

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