Custom Rigid Boxes: Designing Packaging for Brand Identity

It does not matter what product you are selling, packaging can add to its value. Companies are usually looking for better as well as a more practical package design so that they can stay ahead of the competition. Apart from protecting the product, it is able to help promote the brand. Rigid boxes are a popular packaging solution mostly for luxurious products. With the help of packaging it is possible for brands and companies to give a certain impression to people.

The following looks at designing custom rigid boxes for brand identity as well as consumer appeal:

Get the right dimensions

When deciding how to design the box, the size of the package is important. It can help in providing your product with the best protection. If the box is the correct size, the product will not move around much inside it which can damage it. The box that you make really small may be difficult to open and this can even harm the product. The corners of the product can get ruined in a small box.

This is why you must measure the product then figure out what dimension custom printed rigid boxes will be right for it. You need to be able to show customers that you are focusing on providing them with excellence in all parts of the product.

Keep security measures in mind

If you are packaging sensitive items, you should support them with sufficient material. Employ a break-proof seal that can close the box for instance. This can help stop the items from spilling out when you are employing a package that has a distinct base plus lid.

You can consider custom packaging inserts to keep the products firmly in place. This can stop them from shifting. Magnetic rigid boxes wholesale can give you a safe closure. When you use packaging like this, it can ensure that the box will close firmly. This is even with the inserts. You will then not need to use seals and stickers.

  • Choose sustainable packaging

Allow your company to promote eco-friendly marketing as well as green activities by using eco-friendly packaging materials to make these boxes from. This is a good impression to give to your customers nowadays when many are concerned about the environment.

You can for instance choose packaging materials like Kraft, cardboard, paperboard to make the boxes from. If the Kraft packaging will not cover finishes and lamination, the boxes will be totally biodegradable as well as compostable. Opt for paperboard plus eco-friendly ink, such as water-based or even soy-based ink, if possible.

You must choose packaging materials for the rigid boxes that will be able to handle the impacts they will face. Kraft packaging materials can handle harmful climatic variables for instance. The brown boxes will not often give the image of “luxury” but you can transform them into premium packaging by using some basic designs as well as the right branding materials.

Design attractively

The custom rigid boxes’presentation is important as it can get the attention of clients. You must choose the right colors here which will allow the packaging to stand out and look more amazing. Color psychology may be helpful. If your brand has brand colors, you can think about using them to make the box look more amazing.

You may want to follow the minimalism theme and keep the packaging design simple. This stands out as it does not confuse people and makes the box look wonderful.

Choose right typography

By choosing the right typography, the content you will include on the custom printed rigid boxes will be readable. For instance if you employ a thick or strong font, this may be readable rather than a delicate font style which may not print properly.

Consider embellishing the typeface. This is especially when you are employing white or light-colored text upon a dark backdrop.

The type size needs to be right as well so that everything is legible. It may be better to choose bold fonts along with dark color when printing text, mostly when using italics.

Increase brand awareness

The rigid boxes wholesale need to be able to increase brand awareness so that people who look at the packaging will know about your brand. By including a brand logo on the box, you will be able to do this. Design a professional and memorable looking logo that you can add on all of your packaging. When a brand designs rigid boxes carefully, it is possible to help increase brand identity and customer appeal also. You should aim to make a strong box which will be able to protect the product inside it. Apart from this the packaging must be the right size to ensure the safety of the product. Design packaging in a way that will stand out and give a good image of your company.

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