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Electrify Your Ride With Electric Skateboards In 2023

An electrifying means of transportation that has risen in popularity in recent years is electric skateboarding. These are the ideal fusion of skateboarding and electronics, enabling users to drive through the city quickly and easily. Since their debut, electric skateboards have advanced significantly, and they now come with a variety of features and abilities that appeal to both casual riders and metropolitan commuters as well as college students.

This article will examine the electric skateboard market and all of its features and advantages.

History of Electric Skateboards

The first electric skateboard prototypes initially appeared in the early 2000s, so they have a very recent history. But, electric skateboards didn’t start to become widely used until the Boosted Board’s 2012 release. With a smooth ride, strong acceleration, and a range of up to 7 miles, the Boosted Board changed the game. Since then, a number of companies have entered the electric skateboard market, providing a variety of boards with different features and capabilities.

Advantages of Electric Skateboards

Using an electric board as a form of transportation has many advantages. Electric skateboards are, first and foremost, a tonne of fun to ride. They provide a special sense of freedom and speed that is unmatched by other forms of transportation. They allow users to avoid traffic and crowded public transportation, and they are also highly convenient. They are therefore the best choice for commuters who wish to cut costs and time from their everyday trip.

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The portability of electrically assisted roller skates is another advantage. Several types are lightweight and modest in size, making them simple to move or store in a small space. Electric skateboards also respect the environment because they don’t release any emissions or dangerous toxins.

Features of Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to their ability to provide a thrilling ride while also being an efficient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Here are some of the key features of electric skateboards:

  • Electric motor: The electric motor is what powers the skateboard and provides the rider with a boost of speed. Most electric skateboards use a hub motor or a belt-driven motor to power the wheels.
  • Battery: The battery is what powers the electric motor and provides the skateboard with its range. Most electric skateboards use lithium-ion batteries, which are lightweight and long-lasting.
  • Remote control: The remote control allows the rider to control the speed and direction of the skateboard. The remote control usually has a trigger or a thumbstick that the rider can use to accelerate, brake, and turn.
  • Regenerative braking: Many electric skateboards have regenerative braking, which means that the battery can be recharged while the rider is braking. This feature helps to increase the skateboard’s range and reduce the amount of time needed to recharge the battery.
  • Customizable settings: Some electric skateboards allow the rider to customize the settings to adjust the speed, acceleration, and braking. This feature allows riders to personalize their riding experience and find the settings that work best for their needs.
  • Deck and wheels: The deck and wheels of an electric skateboard are similar to those of a traditional skateboard. However, electric skateboards often have larger wheels and a wider deck to accommodate the electric motor and battery.
  • Portability: Many electric skateboards are designed to be lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry around when not in use. This feature makes electric skateboards a convenient option for commuting and travelling.

Best Electric Skateboards on the Market

The skateboard market is constantly evolving, with new models and brands emerging every year. Here are some of the best skateboards on the market today:

a) Element Skateboards

Element is a popular skateboard brand known for its high-quality decks, wheels, and trucks. The company offers a wide range of skateboards for different skill levels, from beginner to pro.

b) Baker Skateboards

Baker is another popular skateboard brand that is known for its high-quality decks and graphics. The company offers a range of skateboards for different styles of skating, from street to vert.

c) Santa Cruz Skateboards

Santa Cruz is a classic skateboard brand that has been around since the 1970s. The company offers a range of skateboards for different skill levels, from beginner to pro, and is known for its iconic graphics.

d) Girl Skateboards

Girl is a skateboard brand that is known for its high-quality decks and graphics, as well as its commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the skateboarding community.

e) Zero Skateboards

Zero is a popular skateboard brand known for its durable and high-performance decks, as well as its commitment to supporting the skateboarding community through events and sponsorships.

f) Enjoi Skateboards

Enjoi is a skateboard brand that is known for its playful and irreverent graphics, as well as its high-quality decks and wheels.

g) Almost Skateboards

Almost is a skateboard brand that is known for its innovative designs, such as the Impact Support technology that helps to absorb shocks and prevent deck breakage.


Overall, electric skateboards offer a unique and exciting way to get around while also being eco-friendly and efficient. With a variety of features and customizable settings, electric skateboards can provide riders with a thrilling and personalized riding experience.

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