Ten Best Food Dishes in Hong Kong and Macau Must Taste Once in a Life

Hong Kong and Macau are famous for non-vegetarian food. In Hong Kong, there are many types of different food, but some dishes are outstanding and tasty, and all dishes are hygienic. In Macau, many cultural dishes and tasty deserts blow your mind and transfer you to another world.

1. Wontons

It is a famous food dish in Hong Kong and Macau, also known as Cho shou. This is a plain soup with other ingredients, sometimes fried. The most famous kind of food is the Sichuan style wonton, a famous snack in Chengdu. It is famous for its fine skin and rich meat filling along with its soup, made from long-cooked chicken, duck and pork. The taste texture is very soft and peaceful, chicken Wind Sand. These are available in Hong Kong & Macau packages

2. Wind Sand chicken

This famous dish in Hong Kong originated in Guangdong and became well-loved by the People. The whole chicken has the flavour and place in the oven for approximately 20 minutes until the skin of the chicken becomes brown.

3. Sweet and Sour Pork

It is the most popular Hong Kong dish, which has made its way into Chinese takeaway menus worldwide. It is an easy dish and readily available in Hong Kong restaurants.

4. Roast Goose

It is a traditional speciality of Cantonese cuisine. It consists of a whole goose roasted with secret ingredients, cut into small pieces, each piece with the skin, meat and sweet bone and eaten with plum sauce.

There are many famous restaurants in Hong Kong where this dish is a favourite.

5. Phoenix Talons

It is also a famous food in Hong Kong streets; most of the food in Hong Kong is non-vegetarian. This dish is also part of the Guangdong culture and people like to use the word phoenix to represent chicken. Fried chicken legs are placed on a small plate and baked in a bamboo steam oven. Once fried and steamed, the chicken thighs become very sweet, and you can easily chew the bones. Consumption of Phoenix heels is beneficial for skin and bones for calcium and collagen. This dish is most famous among women because it gives better glowing skin.

6. Portuguese egg tart 

It is a famous food in Macao; it is composed of a puff pastry with a rich,  sweetened egg custard with a consistency similar to crème brûlée. This dish is mainly available in restaurants in Macau, and hotels for street food sellers sell them. It is a sweet dish loved by tourists and people of Macau; it is easy to make in significantly less time.

7. Mashed Potatoes

It is a simple side dish and the most common dish in Macau. The palate is velvety and rich with a ratio of 2-1 potatoes to butter and made with rattan potatoes, baked with the skin on for more flavor and french butter that’s added cold. It is famous in Hotels in Hong Kong as a side dish people love with the main course.

8. Portuguese seafood rice

The cuisine is more delicious than its counterparts in Spain and Italy. The climax is not the succulent mussels or the giant prawns but the comfortable rich supper cooked with many other ingredients in the tomato seafood broth.

This is a high-quality dish in taste and highly rated in price. It is made up of High-quality sea meat and made in a clean area.

9. Black garlic chocolate

It is a toasted superfood with flavours and complexity that allows it to take a sweet extreme, it is a famous dish which consists of high quality nutritious and easy to make, it usually serves as McPherson’s shoppe, two pisces of dark chocolate sandwich a rice black garlic ganache and some time there is aoption of black garlic ice cream. It is available in hotels in the city of Macau. 

10. Almond cookies and sweet pork jerky

The same vendors sell these two items, and they can be readily available. The most popular place to purchase them is the koi kee bakery, Macao, with lots of branches.

It is easy to make; these almond biscuits are baked on the spot and have a gritty texture and a nutty taste, made with mung bean flour. In Macau, this dish serves as dessert in restaurants and hotels. It is a famous dish among tourists.

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There are many dishes in Hong Kong and Macau, but these ten food items are remarkable. Most words are primarily non-vegetarian, made up of fresh meat in a hygienic way. These all food dishes you can enjoy in one package organised by Roaming routes at a reasonable price.

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