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How to get more likes on Instagram organically? 

You must know that it is not easy to grow on any social media channel. You must have a large audience for this. And in this article, we will tell you how you can get more likes on Instagram without spending any money because there are some people who cannot afford to buy social media followers. 

And then there are some people who just want to increase their likes organically. Some websites, like Followersindia, also offer this service. But you will also get the benefit of this only when your content has power.

Create content that people can relate to

If you want to get more likes on Instagram, then first of all you have to analyze your posted content. Because just by creating content, you will not get more likes. 

You have to create quality content. If you create entertainment content, then make sure to use relevant elements or topics in it. People share videos that they find relatable. Nowadays, all the creators are using this method.

Use hashtags the right way

Do you know that if you use hashtags in your posts in the right way, then you can get more likes on Instagram? But people feel that only those hashtags should be used that are more popular, but they forget that you should always pay attention to relevancy. It will not help you if you only use popular hashtags like #Instagramlikes. 

Because the competition on this is very high. That is why you only use those hashtags which are related to your content and never use more than 15 hashtags. The reason for this is that it spoils the user experience. Only then you will have seen that some creators use hashtags in the comment itself.

Every day, publish one reel

Did you know that reels can prove to be your trump card if you cast a good reel every day? It was launched in 2021 and was well received by the creators and users. Earlier, only 30-second videos could be made in this, but in the new update you can now make videos up to 1 minute and 30 seconds.

To get more likes on Instagram, you must post a reel every day. Because the reach that you will not get from the image post can be found on many more reels, Instagram’s algorithm automatically promotes reels with good content.

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Always share your new post on your Insta story

Sometimes it happens that if your followers have followed so many people, then your post gets skipped on their timeline. This is why if you share your post on Instagram Story as well, then they can see your post directly by clicking on the story. By which you can get more Instagram likes on Instagram.


By reading this blog, you must have come to know how you can get more likes on Instagram. That too, without paying. But if even after this, your likes do not increase, then you can also buy Instagram likes in India. Because even after the strategy mentioned in this, if the likes on your post do not increase, then it is important to follow this path.

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