Google Pixelbook 12in laptop Features And Price

Google Pixelbook 12in

Google Pixelbook 12in (Chromebook Specs Explain)

It is among the new laptops now available. The new laptop is the most recent model on the ever-growing collection that is part of Google Pixelbook 12in. Google Pixelbook line.

The most important thing that distinguishes this laptop from other laptops available on marketplace is its size. The screen of this laptop measures 12 inches, making it among the biggest screens you will find on any laptop currently within the price range. The large screen makes it simple to use and also doubles as a laptop for office use or a student laptop.

Apart from its size, everything else on the laptop is what you’d think. The hardware and software on this laptop are the top of the line and it comes with a sleek style that is sure to catch the attention of everyone.

Google Pixelbook 12in CPU Processor

It is power by the Intel Core I5–7y57 VPro Processor that is among the fastest processors available on the market. It’s a tiny and efficient processor , and it perfectly integrates with everything you can do on your laptop. This makes it ideal for those who require a powerful processor, but don’t want to shell out much money or own large laptops.

Alongside being a powerful and powerful processor overall This i7 vPro also happens to be one of the top processors to last for a long time. The battery in this laptop will last for up to 10 hours in normal usage, which makes it among the top mobile laptops you’ll ever own.

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Google Pixelbook 12in Memory (RAM)

This Google Pixelbook 12in laptop has 8GB of RAM that’s more than enough for the requirements of anyone. 8GB of RAM is able to cope with any multitasking you can imagine and is the ideal amount for users on a budget.

Additionally, it is an incredible quantity, it runs at a high speed and you won’t suffer from delays when using it. This means that this Google Pixelbook 12in laptop one of the best laptops price laptops that comes with eight GB RAM that is one of the most powerful laptops currently available in terms of speed and memory.

Google Pixelbook 12in Graphics Processing Unit ( GPU)

It is a robust laptop that comes with the Intel HD Graphics card, which makes the processor more efficient. The graphics card that comes with this laptop will run all kinds of programs easily and without slowing down performance. This is perfect for people who require an equilibrium between graphics and performance.

Google Pixelbook 12in Screen

The Pixelbook 12in from Google has an incredible screen that covers all of the surface of the notebook. The screen is construct of glass, however it doesn’t have plastic surrounding it, so it looks elegant. This makes it superior to all other screens available on market, and offers a more contemporary look.

This screen also is top-quality and is among the top screens available in the market. The resolution of this screen is 2400x 1600 and has an resolution at 235ppi (pixels per square inch). This allows everything you watch and interact with appear in clear, high quality that makes productivity simple.

Google Pixelbook 12in Storage

It comes with an SSD that is 512GB this means that space will never be a problem. In addition to having ample storage, it also has the advantage of being an SSD, which means it’s more efficient than conventional hard drives.

Because this laptop was design to be top-quality and highly efficient, its components are equip with solid-state drives for the highest performance possible. This makes it among the most modern and high-tech laptops in terms of the way it performs and also its overall appearance.

Google Pixelbook 12in Ports

The Google Pixelbook 12in features 2 USB-C port that are perfect for people who wish to take advantage of the most advance technology. USB-C ports can be use to transfer data and charge laptops and are more efficient than regular USB connections. In addition to two USB C ports, there is also a headphone socket and one charging port.

The USB-C ports can be very flexible, allowing you to utilize them for more than just transfer data. By using the USB-C ports, you can transfer information and charge any device with the USB cable. This makes it easier when you travel or at the office as you do not need to be concern about losing your charger. It can also make it easier to charge your mobile.

Overall, the Pixelbook 12 in from Google is a fantastic laptop that is productive and has an extremely modern look. The processor of this laptop makes multitasking a breeze and the premium screen ensures that everything from play to work appear gorgeous. Apart from being ideal for daily use, the laptop is also ideal for students who require something for work and classes.

Google Pixelbook 12in Pricing

The laptop might be expensive but it’s worth every penny that is spent, making the Google Pixelbook 12 one of the top laptops available. It is regard as an affordable laptop with premium features and comes in two different colors including the silver bar and a white.

This laptop comes with an excellent processor and design, making it suitable for work or school, it’s worth the cost that comes with it. While this laptop will cost more than other laptops available, it comes with a variety of components that can be use for work or school.

Google Pixelbook 12in Camera

The Google Pixelbook 12in comes with an impressive camera that is able to be use for both work and personal motives. It is front facing and features resolution of 720p and the aperture set at f/1.8 which is among the top cameras available today.

This camera is perfect for video calls with family and friends and also for dealing with clients from business. This makes it ideal for those who require cameras that is able to be use for many different purposes.

Google Pixelbook 12in Keyboard

The Pixelbook 12in from Google has an impressive keyboard and one of the highest travel rates you can find in the present. The travel rate is the much you need to press each key down for typing and is ideal to type lengthy documents or emails quickly.

The keyboard comes with unique features that allow you to type, even without having to look at your keyboard that makes typing and using the laptop more efficient.

Google Pixelbook 12in Hard Drives

Google Pixelbook 12in hard drives. It’s hard drives are all solid state drives. This helps to make the laptop quicker. The solid state drive has no moving parts, and is similar to the USB flash drive with regard to the way it operates. This is the main reasons it’s such a powerful laptop, as it doesn’t require additional components to run it as you would on other laptops in the market.

Google Pixelbook 12in Operating System

Its Google Pixelbook 12in has the latest operating system develope by Google that can be refer to as Chrome OS. The operating system is compatible with virtually any device, and allows you to use all Google software, such as Gmail, Maps, Docs and many more.

This Chromebook is specially made to work with any other Android device you may own, allowing you to switch easily between devices. This is much simpler because your data and applications can be transfer between laptop and mobile in only one or two seconds. All you require to connect is internet.

Google Pixelbook 12in Weight

It is a light laptop. Google Pixelbook 12in weighs 1.1kg that makes it one of the slimmest laptops available on the market currently. It is this because it is made entirely from glass and metal which was specifically designe to be extremely light.

The laptop is lightweight and is made of aluminum and has an unibody design that provides toughness and durability that is ideal for whatever situation you may require it for.

Google Pixelbook 12in Display

The Pixelbook 12in comes with an impressive and huge display that is ideal to watch movies, videos or doing work on your projects. It has 2400×1600 resolution with the pixel density of 235ppi and a the aspect ratio of 3:2.

The laptop features a stunning screen that works great for business purposes, however, it is also great for private purposes. It’s a great computer to play video games on or watch films on, which is among the major reasons to consider buying this laptop.

The Pixelbook 12 inch packs an incredible amount of processing and memory, couple with high-definition displays without being slow or sluggish.

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Google Pixelbook 12in Battery Life.

The battery life of the Google Pixelbook 12in laptop lasts about 7 hours before having to recharge in which case it is. The Google Chromebook Pixels have always had the attention of some customers , and the new model is one of the best models they’ve ever made and has a larger screen at 12 inches, smaller bezels and a lot more overall dimensions than earlier models.

But, instead of having an aspect ratio of 3:2 the display has a unique 2:1 ratio to the screen, which is greater in height than. This is because a lot of Android applications are design to work in landscape mode, not portrait, however this can make web browsing more difficult as your browser’s view is only 50% of the display. Google Pixelbook 12in System Specs.

It comes with the 1.2GHz Intel Core i5–7Y57 processor that comes with eightGB RAM as well as 128GB SSD hard drive, which is smaller than other models on the market. The Chromebook Pixel comes with upgrade versions of Android applications, as well as the technology it has taken directly from Chrome OS.

Its touch screen measures incredible at 3,000 x 2,000 pixels, with 235 ppi of pixels per inch. The battery has runtime between 7 and 10 hours. It weighs 1.1kg in the dimensions of 304mm x 220mm by 7mm.

Overall all, this Google Pixelbook 12in laptop is an excellent option for those seeking an affordable laptop with a lot of features at a price that is affordable. This laptop is extremely efficient due to its speedy processing capabilities that let you operate faster than others laptops available.

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