High-risk Payment Gateway Europe

High-risk payment gateway Europe: if you are searching the term, then you have landed on the right page to get a detailed view of the high-risk payment gateway in Europe’s context. But first, start with the foundation of the concept; a payment gateway is an online portal that works as a communicator between the merchant and payment processor to conduct an online payment. Now turn to the high-risk payment gateway, We know what a payment gateway is, but what is a high-risk payment gateway? A high-risk payment gateway is the payment gateway that is used by businesses in high-risk industries like the IPTV industry, online dating, etc.

Features of a high-risk payment gateway

A high-risk payment gateway Europe is used to get online payments across the world through credit cards and alternative payment methods like e-wallets, net banking, etc. A high-risk merchant account has some features on the basis of which it is judged to be a suitable solution for overseas payments. A high-risk payment gateway has to accept various countries’ currencies as well as different payment methods and has to support multiple languages for user convenience. It has to be user-friendly and easy to operate. It must have a PCI DSS certification for data security and management and have security functions for users like tokenization and 3D security for authentication of the payments. Along with the mentioned features, it will be better if a payment gateway has the features of live reporting, seamless integration without coding, etc.

Features of a high-risk payment gateway Europe

The above-mentioned features are some of those that a payment gateway must have, but in the article, we are looking at a global payment gateway or high-risk gateway in the context of Europe. In the context of Europe as a high-risk merchant account provider, you need a payment gateway that is faster because Europe is the most developed continent on earth and life is really fast here, so if a payment gateway is late in comparison to others, it will surely lose its users. If a high-risk merchant account service provider is working in the European region, then it is necessary for the service provider to use advanced security features like a 3D payment process where a third add-on layer has an encrypted OTP for authentication of the payment. Because of the technological advancements in the region, 2D security is like a toothless guard dog. Because the euro is the national currency of the majority of European countries, the multiple currency acceptance feature has less value in the European region. However, the worth of alternative payment methods increases here because of the cashless payment habit of the majority of the population. Even some countries are running cashless economies, like Norway and Sweden.

Multiple language support is a feature of an international merchant account that is especially important in the Eurozone, where each country has its own language.

Webpays most suited high-risk payment gateway in Europe

Webpays is an Amsterdam-based online payment solution provider, that operates in the entire world because it is a Dutch company, so it knows the region and the requirements of the region in the context of a payment gateway. For example, in Europe, credit card is one of the most popular payment methods, but with a stolen card, anyone can commit fraud. To get protection against these types of online fraud, Webpays’ high-risk merchant account has some fraud prevention tools like device ID, fraud scoring, CVV checker, etc. In Europe, where every country’s majority has a preferred method for making payments, a payment gateway like WebPays has more chances of being widely used by merchants to cover the entire continent. Webpays also provide a multi-lingual interface for smooth operation and a better user experience throughout the region. Webpays has more features that suit the payment gateway’s requirements in Europe. To learn more about those features and to obtain a high-risk payment gateway in Europe, please contact us, and for more information about our services and offerings, please contact us via email at

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