How Good is CCIE?

CCIE is an authentic and valuable certification that has a great demand in the industry. Do you want to get paid more as a CCIE qualified Network engineer? Yes, the average salary across the globe for the CCIE qualified Network Engineer is more than ninety-five thousand. If you want to learn more information, then this is a great post to read. This is the best option for the majority of the users who want to learn about the CCIE and its benefits. If you have completed your certification, then you will get the best jobs because employers look for the certified persons.

Exam Topics

  1. Configure, Manage and Migrate Unified Messaging (20%)
  2. Configure Unified Messaging (UM)
  3. Manage Unified Messaging
  4. Troubleshoot Unified Messaging
  5. Migrate Unified Messaging
  6. Design Configure and manage site resiliency (20%)
  7. Manage a site-resilient Database Availability Group (DAG)
  8. Design, deploy, and manage a site-resilient CAS solution
  9. Design, deploy, and manage site resilience for transport
  10. Troubleshoot site-resiliency issues
  11. Design, Configure and manage advanced security (21%)
  12. Select an appropriate security strategy
  13. Deploy and manage IRM with Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS)
  14. Configure and interpret mailbox and administrative auditing
  15. Troubleshoot security-related issues
  16. Configure and manage compliance, archiving and discovery solutions (20%)
  17. Configure and manage an archiving solution, Set up online archiving (Office 365); create archive policies; set up on-premises archiving; plan storage for an archiving solution
  18. Design and configure Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions
  19. Configure and administer Message Records Management (MRM)
  20. Design retention policies; configure retention policies; create and configure custom tags; assign policies to users; configure
  21. Perform eDiscovery
  22. Implement a compliance solution
  23. Implement and manage coexistence, hybrid scenarios, migration, and federation (18%)
  24. Establish coexistence with Exchange Online
  25. Deploy and manage Exchange federation
  26. Implement on-premises coexistence with legacy systems
  27. Set up a cross-forest coexistence solution
  28. Migrate legacy systems
  29. Troubleshoot issues associated with hybrid scenarios, coexistence, migration, and federation

About CCIE

In present age of technology, CCIE has become an integral part of our every life. In fact, networking literacy has become the order of the days. This has brought to the fore front a pressing need to initiate the learners to all these aspects, theory, application, solution. In spite of all this significance every use to take the help.

Online learning

Online learning especially for math is a kind of guidance appropriately graded for students. The service has made use of interactive approach, so that our young learners are drawn into actively participating in the learning process. They will be in comfortable after getting aware of online learning.

  • Revision:  It helps to refresh the previous knowledge.
  • Interactive approach: It makes learning more lively and realistic.
  • Definitions: Students are prepared to learn definitions. All important definition is given in highlighted form to make learning easier.
  • Research: It provides practical exercises. It focuses on application aspect of communication

In this way, you can prepare for the exams because it is simple and easy to get assistance online. There are many people who can manage all exam preparation with this material. It is easy and simple to get more info here since it is a reliable platform for the users.

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