How To Design Eco-Friendly Custom Popcorn Boxes

Do you know the importance of sustainable custom popcorn boxes? Well, the kraft and cardboard packaging is 100% biodegradable. No matter how many boxes you order, they will decompose and reduce the landfill. Moreover, popcorn manufacturers and customers prefer custom boxes for several reasons. Firstly they provide ample space to house the flavored snacks. Secondly, it’s used for brand promotion. And lastly, customers love themed packaging. Hence you can satisfy the packaging needs of brands and customers in our eco-friendly boxes. They are safe, attractive, and functional. So if you want to be part of the green movement, give this blog a read. And you will learn how to design environmentally friendly packaging.

Kraft custom popcorn boxes

Having fun at the movie night is impossible without your favorite snacks. And undoubtedly, popcorn is the top favorite snack of all time. Hence people love to have popcorn on road trips, at picnics, and in movie theatres. But no one likes to have stale or soggy popcorn. Therefore custom popcorn boxes is a must to keep its crunch and taste fresh. Since these snacks are quite in demand, so is their packaging. So to curb packaging waste, you can choose kraft boxes. They are eco-safe, handy, and attractive. And boxes can be customized in any style, color, or design.

Cardboard popcorn boxes wholesale

In the food industry, cardboard is the most common packaging material. It is easy to customize; hence you can print images and text. Plus, you can laminate it with gloss, matte, spot UV, or aqueous coating. It looks neat and makes the boxes scratch, dirt, and grease free. Thus whether you choose gable, reverse tuck end, fully sealed, or handle boxes, it can be designed in cardboard.

Full sealed packaging

At grocery stores, the popcorns are available in fully sealed boxes. And this box style comes in different shapes, designs, and colors. No matter what box style, custom printed popcorn boxes are a must. It tells the customers about the popcorn’s flavor, cooking method, nutritional chart, and price. In addition, the manufacturers can print their contact info and social media address. Hence custom packaging, if done right, can do wonders for food brands.

Right size box

No one wants the popcorn to fall on the floor. It’s unhygienic and spoils the customer’s mood. Therefore the right size custom popcorn boxes are very important. You can pick any popcorn box style, size, or color, but it’s important to design in the accurate size. As a result, it provides enough space to hold the snacks and prevents them from falling. And the best part? It promotes smart packaging and overall reduces manufacturing costs.

Boxes with handles

Do you know that customized packaging is an amazing way to channel creativity? Yes, it is true. Besides, the custom boxes are affordable and set your brand apart.  So there are numerous ways to embellish your boxes. How about attaching the kraft or cardboard handles? Well, it makes your packaging functional, handy, and attractive. Moreover, customers prefer boxes that are easy to assemble, carry and use. As a matter of fact, you can pick any box style, and our experts will customize it to your needs.

Colorful packaging

Have you ever seen plain custom popcorn packaging? Well, that’s quite rare. The thing is that kids love to eat popcorn. Therefore, its packaging should be loud, funky, and attractive. For instance, you can use bright colors, funny images, or different designs to attract the kids. However, if an animated movie is released so you can print the fictional or cartoon characters. It makes the customers happy and benefits the cinemas in the long run. It helps in branding and promotes the word of mouth marketing. Thus creative packaging pays off the brands in the long run.

Popcorn boxes wholesale

There are several perks of ordering wholesale boxes. Firstly it reduces the price per box. And then, you can restock bulk quantities all at once. Hence you don’t need to reorder or worry about the shipping or delivery process. Lastly, it encourages the smart use of resources and lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

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Why choose us?

Our printing experts at iCustomBoxes are aware of the latest packaging trends. They know the dos and Don’ts of the packaging. Therefore we take pride in our experienced graphic designers, estimators, and paper analyst. And they discuss the nitty-gritty of the packaging before finalizing the design. So we always give our best, whether you order custom printed, plain, bulk, or short run orders. Our inspection team ensures that the quality of the custom popcorn boxes is up to the mark.

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