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How to Draw a Doll. Dolls are among the most popular toys in the world, and there is a seemingly infinite variety of dolls to enjoy. Some are designed to adapt to the latest modes, others try to recreate a certain vintage style or profession, and others are made to be a little scary! No matter your taste, there is certainly a doll for you, and it can be fun to learn to draw a doll so you can imagine you’re perfect.

If you have always wanted to create your doll design, this tutorial will allow you to do this exactly. You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing a Doll

Step 1:

To get this guide on how to draw a doll, we will start with the doll’s head and hair. The doll we will draw on this guide will be a little stylized because it will have a large head with a small, slender body. To begin drawing this head, you can first draw a curved and round horizontal line.

This line will serve as a lower face for your doll. When this line is traced, we will use lighter lines to show the bangs that grow on the face. Finally, for this step, we will use more curved lines above the head to show the top of the hair.

Step 2:

As we mentioned earlier, this doll drawing will look stylized. It will also be true for your face. Your eyes will be relatively large, and you can draw your contours by adding two large circles to his face. The eyes will be very distant and close to the face. So we draw a reflective effect on the eyes. You can do this by designing a thin form of growing at the bottom of each eye.

There will also be a small circular shape at the base of each of these growing forms. To complete this effect, the left eye will have more circular shapes above the Croissant. Before continuing, you can add small lines to the base of the eyes to some eyelashes and then draw a small smiling mouth.

Step 3:

The dolls usually have a beautiful hairstyles that you can change and brush. Let’s add a cute hairstyle to this next step in our guide on how to draw a doll! You can start this hairstyle using simple rounded shapes to create an arc on each side from the top of your hair. You can end up drawing a few more wavy lines of these arches to show your hair falling behind your head.

Step 4:

Just as dolls usually have a beautiful hairstyles, they also usually have beautiful outfits. We will add the beginning of this outfit to your doll design in this next part. The clothes we designed for this image are made of a hooded sweatshirt with a small accessory in the front pocket.

You can draw the flat hood with the hood using thin shapes at the base of the neck. Then you can draw his arm, which is a little raised, and the other, which is flat by your side. Finally, we can draw the bottom of the hooded sweatshirt, the beginning of its legs, and the small accessory. Then you will be ready for the last details in the next step.

Step 5:

How to Draw a Doll

Now it’s time to finish the final details and image elements at this stage of our guide on how to draw a doll. The main thing to draw at this step is the boots it carries; you can draw them as very simple, thin shapes. You can end by drawing more details on your eyes to the right.

Before moving on, you can change the drawing with your details and items. You can do this by changing the design to create a new doll, or you can draw a background for it. There are also tons of doll accessories and friends that you can add to it, so make sure you finish this while it ends!

Step 6:

How to Draw a Doll

We will end with excellent colors for the last part of your doll drawing. In our reference image, we used brown for her hair and then went pink with white spots for the arcs. We also use a similar pink pattern with white spots on your boots. Finally, we use vegetables for her clothes and some additional colors for the smallest details. These are the colors we opted for, but what colors and art media will you use to color yourself?

Make your doll drawing at the top level.

Dress this doll outline with fun advice to make it even better than it is already! What could be better than having an excellent doll? Having a collection would be the answer to this question! For this reason, we thought it would be great to add some dolls to this drawing of a doll. You can follow the guide again to create the basic doll drawing and change some items to make each. If you don’t know how to make everyone unique, read the rest when you share some ideas you can use, if you add more dolls or not! A simple way for your doll to be unique is by modifying the characteristics of the face or expressions. 

There are many ways to do this, but changes can be simple. For example, the smile on the doll’s face may be wider or more subtle. Or you may want to portray a different emotion completely. What kinds of conceptions and facial emotions would you like to represent? Then you can give your doll draw a new look by changing the clothes he wears. Creating different styles is fun with real dolls, which also applies to this image!

You can reproduce any fashion style you want, and it’s a great way to let your fashion designer come out. What kinds of styles would you like to use for this doll and all the friends of the doll you could add? Finally, each doll needs a place to live and spend time so that you can add a background to this doll outlet. An idea would be to create a doll frame for the doll to be. If you don’t like it, you can create a real set to be ideal for a doll. For some ideas, you can draw a party or maybe a mall. Let your imagination go crazy while you think elsewhere!

Your Doll Drawing is complete!

You have come to the end of this guide on how to draw a doll, and we hope you have fun drawing and finishing this beautiful doll! This guide not only aimed to ensure that the drawing was fun and easy to do for you but would also give you room to add your keys.

These keys may include anything from the bottom to certain accessories, and there is no limit to the creative ways of adding personal talent to this image! There are many more drawing guides to enjoy on our site, so we hope to see them soon! We also have many more guides that we will download soon, so be aware of them.

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