How to Draw Plaid Easily

How to Draw Plaid. Many different fabrics and patterns are famous around the world. One such popular fabric is tartan, often associated with Scottish bagpipers.

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It has become a popular design in general, and despite its seemingly simple design, learning how to draw plaid correctly can be challenging.

This challenge is only if you need to learn the steps required, and this guide will show you those steps!

How to Draw Plaid

Step 1

This fabric pattern is divided into many straight lines and geometric shapes, so in this guide on drawing a plaid, we will focus on these elements individually.

As shown in our guide, you can draw three vertical lines to start this process. These slight curvatures are crucial for creating the rest of the model later.

Once these lines are drawn, we can move on to step 2!

Step 2

This next step of your plaid design should be easy to complete as you continue what you started in step one.

To perform this second part, you must repeat precisely what you did in the first step. This means that you draw three more slightly curved lines at equal intervals in addition to the first three.

That’s all for this step, and we’re good to go!

Step 3

In this next part of our plaid drawing guide, we’ll draw more vertical lines for the pattern.

However, these will differ slightly as they are now drawn like you drew the lines in the previous steps.

You can draw a vertical line next to every other line from the previous steps to draw the lines in this step. This will help you evolve the model as you progress through this guide.

Step 4

You’ve been drawing many vertical lines for your plaid design so far, so now it’s time to change it by drawing some horizontal ones!

This isn’t a copy of the first few lines you drew, except sideways, as you might expect.

Instead, these lines are slightly further apart than the vertical lines. The curve in these horizontal lines is slightly more curved than the vertical ones.

This will help show the creases in the fabric for the final plaid design.

Step 5

You’ll be able to color your picture soon, but first, we need to add a few final details in this next step of our plaid drawing guide.

For this step, you can draw another horizontal line next to each line you drew in the previous step to create the tartan.

This rounds out the details in this guide, but feel free to add more details before proceeding!

You can change the linework or lengthen the lines to change the pattern.

If you feel extra creative, you can draw some objects or create clothes to attach to this plaid pattern.

Step 6

Traditionally, plaid is often associated with specific colors like red and green. However, it is known to come in many additional and creative colors in modern times.

We took this approach for our image, using a combination of pink and purple for our pattern.

This type of design allows you to get creative with your favorite colors to create a fantastic design!

If you have drawn additional elements, such as an object or dress that the plaid belongs to, you can also work with some additional colors.

However, choosing which colors you want to use is only part of the fun! It’s even more fun for you to decide which artistic means you want to use.

Depending on your desired look, you can achieve such a design even more effectively with your chosen mediums.

For a lighter look to the image, you can use acrylic paint, crayons, or markers for colors that pop off the page.

For a more subtle, traditional look, you can use some watercolor paints or colored pencils to achieve this look.

Your Plaid Drawing is Finished!

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