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How to see Who Views Your Instagram Highlights

Instagram is no doubt the most popular social media platform whether you want to share beautiful moments with your friends or family. Or you want to run a successful marketing strategy for your business and the online presence of your brand. You’ll find more traffic on this platform than on any other. You can analyze your account and create a strategy that works well for the growth of your account. As every account has its requirements to increase engagement and targeted audience.

Can Someone See Your Instagram Highlights?

Instagram has introduced several ways through which you can show your content to your followers. Whether you buy Instagram followers and let them view content through stories, reels, feed posts, IGTV, IG live, and Instagram highlights. Instagram highlights are posted in the form of Instagram stories content but the difference is that stories remain there for 24 hours. While highlights remain there on your profile until you delete them by yourself. Also, anyone can see your story highlights even if they cannot see your Instagram stories, you can see who views your Instagram highlights. And the total number of people who viewed your story highlight. But you can see those people only within the first 24 hours of posting the story highlight. After 24 hours Instagram wouldn’t let you see those people but you can view counters and viewer lists just within the first 48 hours. But you wouldn’t be able to see how many times a viewer has seen your Instagram story highlight.

How You Can Check Who Viewed Your Instagram Highlights?

You can easily see who views your Instagram highlights with the following steps:

Go to Instagram App

1.       First, you have to open the Instagram app and then click on your profile at the bottom right side of your Instagram profile page. From there you’ll go to your Instagram profile account.

2.       Then create your Instagram story highlight, if there is another already present click on it to open the highlight.

3.       Now look at the bottom left side of your screen in the corner, there you will find the total number of view counts. Just next to Seen by.

4.       After that click on Seen by button and after you’ll get to see the list of people who viewed your highlight.

Through Desktop

1. You can also view your from your desktop that who view your Instagram highlights, just go to the browser of your desktop.

2. From your browser go to and login to your profile if it’s not already logged in.

3. From there click on your profile picture present at the top right side and from the drop-down menu click on Profile.

4. Then you have to click on highlight.

5. From there you’ll get to see the view counts of your highlights at the bottom left. You just need to click it to expand the list of Instagram users who viewed your Instagram highlight.

Checking the Instagram highlights can give you information that from which area and what sort of people are interested in your content. Through this, you would have an idea that what sort of content you should create for your targeted audience. From there you can stalk the users who don’t follow you but still have their eyes on you. With the help of Explore IG, you can view IG profiles anonymously without letting anyone know.

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Create Amazing and Custom Covers for Instagram Highlights

Just like you can add a cover to your Instagram feed to let visitors know what this feed post is about. Similarly, you can also add a cover to your story highlight, whether it’s your workout routine, trip story, wedding highlights, or any other. You can add beautiful covers to your story highlight to give a good impression to your visitors. If you don’t have any idea how you can add a cover to your story highlights. Below are the tools that you can try:

1.       Canva

When it comes to designing anything and you don’t have enough experience in graphic designing, nothing works better than Canva. If you want to make custom photos, videos, Instagram covers, and highlight covers. You can find several customizable templates to design your story highlight cover. You can make changes to it and design it according to your taste. You can use this tool on android, iOS, or even on your Desktop.

2.       StoryLight

StoryLight let you add beautiful covers to your Instagram highlights and you can find more than 1000 templates on this tool. You can also add cool editing of filters, themes, stickers, texts, and others to your covers.

3.       Mojito

Whether you want to create Instagram stories or highlights, Mojito has more than 500 templates available for you. You can even add background images, text in cool fonts, and beautiful filters to your photos.


Most people check their story highlights just to see what sort of people are interested in their content. And on what sort of content they should work to keep their audience engage. So with our easy steps explained above, it’s clear that you can check your story highlights without any difficulty. Also, you can create these highlights with different tools to make them look appealing.

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