Know More About Hiring A White Collar Crime Lawyer

White collar crime is a non-violent form of deceit to prevent loss of money or gain it. Several individuals perform crimes or illegal activities to gain a business advantage. When the word white collar crime appears, one usually thinks of a fancy business suit who has cheated others. However, it can have several forms, like tax evasion, bribery, etc. 

If you want an attorney to defend your rights, look for white collar crime lawyers Sydney that can help you with multiple services. The cost of an average lawyer in Sydney can range from $250 to $350 per hour. On the other hand, a senior can charge $600 to $700 per hour. 

Money Laundering

It is crucial to understand that money laundering is a serious crime, and one can suffer long imprisonment. Concealing illegal money is referred to as money laundering. Section 193B of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) in Australia considers money laundering a severe offence. Contact a legal expert immediately if you have been accused of the charge. 


Fraud can be considered a white collar crime. People charged with fraud might have dishonestly obtained another’s property or financial advantage. One might be liable to 10 years of imprisonment if found guilty of fraud in Sydney. Centrelink fraud is a crime that falls into this category and is considered highly offensive. 

Proceeds of Crime

Proceeds of crime are any property derived from the commission of a crime. If found guilty of this crime involving property with a value higher than $100000, an individual is liable to imprisonment of up to 5 years in Sydney. If you have been charged with such a crime, white collar crime lawyers in Sydney can help you defend the case. 


It is vital to understand that each case and client is unique. Every case will require careful investigation based on the involved circumstances. It might range from corporate compliance to internal research. White collar crimes can be complicated, and only an expert can help with appropriate solutions. They will help you with a tailored solution that fits your case.

A lawyer might be highly skilled but lacks the knowledge to handle a white collar crime. A qualified lawyer will have expertise in insider trading and securities fraud, money laundering, market manipulation, taxation matters, etc. They will have solid knowledge and ensure you positive outcomes.

There are cases in which the outcome ends with a compromise. You might have to pay a small settlement fee while keeping up with your business operations. However, with an experienced lawyer, you will rightly compromise with the opposition party.

Another reason you need an attorney is for extensive knowledge and resources. They are aware of local and state government power and protect your rights. They will work with a professional team of experts and conduct investigations to ensure you are protected. 

You will be amazed to see the number of government entities that crawl to you once you have been accused of a crime. An experienced lawyer will ensure you are represented at the concerned agencies. 


The urgency and seriousness of white collar crimes require professional attention immediately. You will need a reputable attorney to combat powerful government agencies and represent you in a court of law. Remember, not just any lawyer will do for a white collar crime. It would help if you had an experienced and reliable professional. So, look for the top options in your state and choose the one that has dealt with similar cases as yours. Read reviews to see what the former clients say and make an informed decision.

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