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Digitalization in the financial service sector is rising consistently. An increasing number of instant services are facilitated by institutions, for efficient customer experience. Online websites easily provide ample information sought by applicants on provided services, which is near impossible for human employees in any branch office.

A mobile phone application by a financial institution, similar to an online website, can lead applicants to whichever information they need. Applicants might download and install the mobile phone application from the official website or the online app store. Only one-time login details of the customer and a password are required to initiate the digital services through the phone application.

Benefits of Online Personal Loans

Compare Institutions

The online personal loan app enables applicants to surf for an instant loan, personal loan app facilities, and investigate all the available options for loan procurement. A few basis points difference in interest rates might hugely impact the interest amounts depending on the principal loan amount and repayment tenures. Unlike a specific institution’s mobile application, the online loan process allows applicants to analyze and compare the institution as per industry standards.

Documentation Process

Apart from comparing the interest rates and EMI amounts, online websites provide ample information on eligibility and documentation. The original documents need to be scanned, uploaded, and saved through the computer, unlike a mobile phone application that requires digital photos of the documents. However, the online application process is way more effortless than the tedious offline applications with numerous paperwork.

Efficient Procedures

The online loan application procedure offers complete relief from the extensive paperwork for applicants and institutions. Since online personal loans have relaxed eligibility, unlike property loans, applicants need to ensure primary conditions are fulfilled with proper online documentation. The credit score generation and KYC verifications are completed instantly with the online procedure.

Quick Verification and Approval Process

The online application method avails details on an instant loan, personal loan app facilities, EMI calculator facilities, and the required documents. The documents are submitted instantly through the computer, and the verification team of the institution clears the process as soon as possible. Once the document verification and KYC procedure end successfully, the loan amount is quickly disbursed to the applicant.

Benefits of Personal Loan Application

No Repeated Login Requirements

When you apply for an online loan, the process might need page refreshments or re-entering the login details multiple times during the loan process. Unlike the website, mobile phone applications are user-friendly and do not require applicants to log in every time they open the application. Even the loan application process stays on the same page where the applicant exited earlier.

Personal Safety and Security

Individuals share their personal and financial information through mobile phone applications while applying for a loan. The details entered are only shared with the institution and the regulators for transparency. A breach of customer privacy might attract unwanted scrutiny from regulators and general criticism. One must opt for nationally registered financial institutions that do not compromise data privacy.

Customer Conveniences

Almost all modern mobile phones have a digital camera attached for varied purposes. Loan Lending mobile applications, with permission, have access to the phone camera that enables the digital uploading of documents without a scanner. Applicants might pre-create soft copies of required documents and submit them through phone applications with just a few clicks.

Digital Services and Instant Notifications

The loan app by the lending institutions offers digital payments for monthly installments by the borrower. Contrary to the online loan process, personal loan applications provide feeds and notifications of the procedure. They even help applicants to track the process and instantly solve the issues faced during submission.

Tax Returns

In India, there is an appropriate tax deduction for EMI payments made during the financial year towards loans and advances. The mobile application from institutions has tax return filing facilities for borrowers, which simplifies the filing and submission of tax returns. An online website of the institutions might be unable to provide these individual services.


By now, it might be clear that opting for a personal loan through a website or a mobile phone application often enables similar facilities. Instant services, KYC procedures, and quick approvals are common, but only the document submission process varies slightly. Individuals must understand their requirements and select the best loan application procedure as per their preference.

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