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Denton, Texas now has a location of Tiff’s Treats, the first company to offer warm cookie delivery, at 2320 W. University Avenue in the Rayzor Ranch Marketplace. Tiff’s Treats Katy cookies, fresh from the oven, will be the star attraction at a charity event that will benefit a Wish with Wings, an organization that grants wishes to Texas children with terminal illnesses.

In honor of the grand opening, the first forty customers in line will each receive a $100 gift card to Tiff’s Treats Katy. There will prizes hidden in random boxes of cookies and there will be a drawing for a year’s supply of free cookies for everyone who attends the event.

Chocolate chip and snicker doodle cookies, two of Tiff’s Treats Katy most popular options, can be purchased in quantities of up to six dozen by each customer. To satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking your low-carb diet,

visit Chimp Monk and use your Keto Cookies Vouchers to purchase delicious, convenient and reasonably priced grab-and-go desserts.

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Tiff’s Treats has delicious, slow-baked brownies with a deep chocolate taste. Tiff’s Treats also sells brownies in Salted Caramel Blondie and Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar flavors. Chocolate chip cookies from Love plus Chew are another option, and you can get them at a discount on complete eats with the Chocolate Chip Cookies Offers. With the Tiffs Treats Coupon you can also test a variety pack from unbelievable at a discount.

Mission to Make People Happy through Warm Cookie Delivery

Over the past several years, we have been amazed at the growth of Denton said Leon Chen, co-founder of Tiff’s Treats. It’s incredible how Denton has retained its small-town hospitality and friendliness,

despite having a revitalized downtown and a number of jobs moving north from the greater DFW area. It’s a perfect fit for our mission to make people happy through warm cookie delivery.

Delivery Options Available

Tiff’s Treats Katy makes cookies and brownies to order and brings them to you hot out of the oven. Customers can visit the new shop in person to satisfy a sweet tooth or pick up an order, or they can place delivery orders to their homes, schools, or workplaces. Delivery areas for the Denton location now encompass the entirety of south and west Denton, as well as the University of North Texas.

Card Payment Options

Texas Woman’s University which were previously served by Tiff’s Treats Katy Highland Village, Texas location,

but now incur no out-of-zone delivery fee. There is no cash register in a Tiff’s Treats Katy shop. At the launch party, guests can only pay with debit and credit cards.

Receive a Gift Cards

Everyone who attends the grand opening of Tiff’s Treats Katy with a donation of travel-sized toiletries and essentials for a Wish with Wings will receive a $5 gift card. The whole day’s proceeds, up to $5,000,

will be used to grant Jett, age 5, her dream of visiting Disney World. Two years ago, Jett was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Jett and his loved ones can finally celebrate his victory over cancer by taking a long-awaited vacation.

Industry-Leading Technology

The idea of delivering hot cookies was first implemented by Tiff’s Treats Katy. Tiff’s Treats bakes traditional cookies and brownies to order and brings them WARM to your door or workplace in about an hour. You can place an order immediately, or at a later time and date. With the recently unveiled.

Tiff’s Treats Elites membership program, customers can receive free delivery on all orders placed via phone, online, or the Tiff’s Treats app, all while receiving industry-leading technology and customer service.

Tiff’s Treats has Donated Charity

Today, the company has 53 locations in Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina, employs more than 1,000 people, and has baked more than 100 million cookies Tiff’s Treats has donated over $200,000 to charitable causes through their grand opening fundraisers, which have fed both customers and charity workers.

Tiffi Treat is a Successful Company

Tiff Treats and Tiny Milk and Cookies were both introduce relocate to Houston, Texas. And if you’re a cookie lover, they have some fantastic ones there, too. Everyone in Houston absolutely adores Tiff Treat’s cookies, and they even deliver them to customers while still warm. Houston is a fantastic place for businesses to flourish, and seeing how successful local companies like Tiff’s Treats Katy can be gave us hope that the Cookie Confidant could do the same.

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Expanding our Domestic Distribution Channels

It took us almost three years of baking before we figured out how much people enjoyed Cookie Confidant’s cookies. By trial and error, we have arrived at a point of absolute certainty that we can provide you with the finest cookies in the world. Our goal is to expand our distribution channels inside the domestic.

market so that more people may experience the pleasure and happiness that our cookie confections provide.

Provide Delivery Service throughout the Region

Then, we expanded our cookie sales to the Houston suburbs of Fresno, Missouri City, Pearland, and Sugarland. We now provide delivery service throughout the whole of Houston and the adjacent regions. Levain Bakery in New York City, one of our favorite cookie shops in the world sparked our cookie crusade.

Fresh-Baked Cookies of Delighted Customers

Despite the fact that Levain Bakery’s cookies are delicious, we have faith that the Cookie Confidant has developed a cookie that can hold its own against Levain Bakery’s fresh-baked, made-from-scratch selection. We can attest that the Oatmeal Raisin

Double Chocolate Peanut Butter cookies at any of the New York City locations of Levain are absolutely worth the wait. We hope that, like Levain Bakery, Cookie Confidant will expand and eventually have to deal with constant influxes of delighted customers.

Wide Variety of Warm Cookie

There’s nothing like biting into a warm, delicious cookie, so make sure you’re getting the slow-baked cookie that’s just right for you. The cookie tins from Tiff’s Treats Katy can hold as many as three dozens. Tiff’s sells a wide variety of warm cookie varieties, including chocolate chip, snicker doodle, peanut butter, M&M and milk chocolate.

Suitable Serving a Large Number of Guests

Tiff’s Treats Katy sells party packs that include a variety of snacks and beverages suitable for serving a large number of guests. The serving utensils are include in the party bundle, saving you time and effort. Other ideas are an ice cream party pack, a handmade tiffany sandwich party pack or a party pack full of warm cookies.

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