Process Automation Enhances the Capabilities of Companies

Docbyte is a technology boutique specializing in intelligent process automation with software robots (RPA) and other AI-based tools. It was founded in 2006, as a specialist in critical business processes in the financial sector.

Process Automation. For the uninitiated in the field, what is it?

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, uses software robots to perform repetitive tasks. The projects are carried out in a few weeks since they do not require modifying the applications that the companies operate and the ROI is obtained in a few months depending on the process. The main benefits are agility, precision, cost reduction, and satisfaction of both the worker and the client.

What kind of processes can be automated?

Any process or task with defined rules and standard data entries, which has a specific volume and is repetitive can be automated with our technology.

Some typical cases are the posting of invoices that arrive by email in the company’s ERP, the registration/deregistration of employees, operations that must be carried out on an external website, tasks in a customer service center, as well as the preparation of reports with data from different sources.

It really should speed up the job a lot!

But not only that, our automation projects aim to transform the workplace by enhancing the capabilities of companies and their employees with a digital workforce made up of software robots that are capable of taking on all those necessary repetitive and monotonous tasks. for business, but which consumes a lot of people’s time on a daily basis. In this way, people go from being executors to supervisors and have time to focus on tasks with higher added value, more creativity, and more strategy.

You must not be the only one in the market…

No, but there are a number of values ​​that set us apart, such as technical expertise, boutique approach, agility, and independence. All this with a 100% agile model where our client sees the progress and the result of the robotization every two weeks. And being part of a group with more than 400 employees and large clients gives us the solvency, credibility, and capacity to tackle large projects.

Who are these clients?

They are large and medium-sized companies from different sectors such as Retail, Health, Industry, Utilities, Logistics, Banking, …, which have in their DNA the search for efficiency and productivity to be increasingly competitive. Once companies try RPA with a use case applied to their business and achieve the expected results, they extend the scope to the entire company.

Intelligent process automation enhances people’s capabilities, increasing their productivity and their contribution of business value, ideas, and strategies, reducing their time spent on low-value tasks to achieve greater agility, productivity, and quality. The number of processes that can be automated with this combination of technologies is very high today 

  • Invoice accounting 
  • order processing
  • delivery note management
  • IBI processing
  • tax data extraction 
  • Management of identification documents such as DNIs or passports
  • etc.

A highly demanded and clear use case in organizations is the processing of invoices, from receipt by email to end-to-end posting.

To achieve this challenge, we focus on intelligent automation as a way to achieve efficiencies and cost reduction, as well as the search for new ways of interaction and collaboration between employees and suppliers to be able to come up with a differential value proposition for the customer.

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