Platforms for Remote Work That Enhance Employee Engagement

The remote virtual world has transformed cubicle work into remote work or working from any place with an internet connection.

Platforms for remote work that increase employee engagement

The remote virtual world has transformed cubicle work into remote work or working from any place with an internet connection.

As a result of the distant virtual world, we can now work from virtually any place as long as we have internet connectivity.

Being a great employee no longer means turning up at the office Monday through Friday during office hours. Now anyone can securely work from anywhere in the world, any time of the day or night, and yet fulfill their project deliverables.

This top 10 list of the best remote team working platforms was compiled after extensive research on remote team communication and collaboration software as well as remote team working tools.

Why is remote work preferable if you want to be on the go quite a bit?

Why is remote work preferable if you want to be on the go quite a bit?
Why is remote work preferable if you want to be on the go quite a bit?

Why is working remotely preferable if you want to be on the go quite a bit

In today’s digital world, settling down is obsolete. People used to grow up, obtain a job, get married, buy a house, have kids, save for the future, and die. Unsettled people had unfavorable names.

In the internet age and inclusive society, everyone may be themselves and do what works for them. Working a lifetime in the same job might be torture for those who enjoy traveling and meeting new people.

Remote work allows you to live in a remote place or travel without sacrificing your job.

Software for Remote Work that can be used remotely to construct culture

Employee recruitment and retention can be made easier with the use of user-friendly tools and templates provided by remote culture-building software that is well-designed. Time tracking and payroll are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the capabilities of these solutions.

We live in an ever-evolving world. Not everyone can know all things all the time. Human resources complaints about harassment, bullying, and sexism can be reduced if an employer has easy access to blogs on current issues like diversity and inclusion.

Employers can benefit from Remote Work tools that recognize and reward hard effort and achievement of goals in developing plans that accurately estimate how long a project will take and how many employees it will require.

In turn, this can prevent burnout. Improved employee morale and a more cohesive corporate culture can both be aided by templates that show employers how to engage their workforces in productive ways. The feeling of belonging, being seen, and being acknowledged is one of humanity’s top motivators for most of what we accomplish.

DOJOIT, The Fastest Virtual Web Whiteboard

How we do our jobs is changing. It’s always been changing, of course. Every time people have made a step forward in history, the way they work has also changed. The future of work is remote work.

With each new technological invention we found, produced, or conceived, the landscape of “work” changed: older, less efficient models were gradually replaced by newer, more “modern” methods.

Dojoit is the successor of Remote Work.

In fact, experts say that in the next 10 to 15 years, technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and automation will completely change the workplace.

One of the most noticeable new shifts we’re witnessing is working remotely, where a person works from home (or anywhere else that isn’t “the office”). The forces at work in our society, in general, were already geared for this type of shift, even before the commencement of COVID-19 — but it was the pandemic that made remote labor “the new normal”.

New Paradigm

The same pandemic that shut down the world made us streamline the process of working (and learning) remotely, which helped usher in a new paradigm, which we are now witnessing playing out all around us. The pandemic also caused the world to shut down.

The shift to remote work has been in the works for years, but we weren’t able to assess it until the pandemic: being stuck at home for months was like a “prototype” phase, and we learned there are irrefutable benefits to working remotely.

Remote work is at the forefront of the evolution of work in industrialized countries, and this tendency will continue. Working remotely will become “the new normal,” and we’ll gradually abandon old paradigms.

Remote work is the future, whether it happens tomorrow, next year, or in 10 years – DOJOIT IS THE FACILITATOR!

Bonusly is an engaging recognition and rewards platform

A program for recognizing and rewarding achievements, Bonusly. It is able to integrate with the tools that are already in use at your firm on a daily basis, such as Microsoft Teams and Google Chat. Employees are able to show appreciation for their coworkers’ efforts by awarding them monthly incentives, which are then shared in a public feed. This gives every member of the team the sense that their work is valued.

By picking one of the partner gift cards, staff members are able to put their incentives against virtually any purchase. The partner gift cards are available in a wide variety of different categories, such as apparel, beauty and spa, cash-out (PayPal), charitable donations, entertainment and electronics, experiences and travel, food and drink, general, gifts and services, grocery, home and garden, prepaid cards, and sports. Prepaid cards are also available.

Bonusly provides actionable blogs that cover pertinent themes, such as how to enhance morale during times of economic difficulty and diversity. Inclusion statistics will change the way you conduct business. The employee handbook also includes a full catalog of resources that can assist in the development of employee engagement and morale.

The pricing is very reasonable and there are different tiers available based on the size and scope of your company.

The Core package has a starting price of $3.51 per month for each individual user. The Pro package includes everything that is included in the Core package as well as additional capabilities. It includes sophisticated reporting for a monthly fee of $5.85 per user. Larger companies can also take advantage of a customized tire option.

GooseChase is an online platform that helps you run real-world scavenger hunts and create incredible experiences for your communities

GooseChase is a game app business. It may be used to enhance engagement and promote team building. Employers can construct real-world scavenger hunts that engage employees in the company’s culture.

Scavenger hunts are a great way to get new employees excited about understanding the company’s systems, protocols, and logins. It’s also making sure they watch the allocated films and read the required readings.

When it comes time to collaborate on projects, it might be helpful for mission teams to introduce themselves to important members of management and department heads so that everyone knows who is who. It’s easy to get started with gaming code invitations.

Employers can see in real-time which missions are working and which ones need to be redesigned thanks to comprehensive insights.

You can utilize GooseChase to create a company culture with your current staff. To earn bonus points for accomplishing objectives, employees share photos of themselves in action on social media. They can either work in groups or on their own. You can build missions for virtual teams who operate remotely or gather them in an outdoor area.

A single live game can be played at a time in the free price model with up to three teams or three solo players. For $399 per game, you can have up to eight players or eight teams for a single game license. Up to 20 teams or 20 individuals can compete for $649 every game.

Transform your culture and increase employee engagement by making performance, recognition, and feedback part of every day | Kazoo

Kazoo helps employers build a strong, connected culture that helps them find and keep good employees by focusing on six key areas:

  1. conversions,
  2. goals and OKRs,
  3. incentives,
  4. recognition,
  5. feedback, and,
  6. employee surveys.

With the 1-on-1 or 1-to-many scheduling system, people can have more useful conversations. On the agenda, you can put things like “results” and “feedback,” and you can also write down “action items” and “notes” that you can use in future meetings. The system also lets you sync up with your calendar and send automated invites.

Everyone can set goals, objectives, and key results (OKRs) that are in line with company-wide initiatives. You can add one or more goals that can be measured, such as a percent done, a yes/no answer, or a specific goal and due date.

Teams can work together on goals that are important to everyone, even if they are in different functional groups or at different organizational levels.

The incentives and recognition programs help employers get inspired and motivated, and they also help them celebrate the successes of their employees.

Timely feedback keeps employees on track, helps them grow, and makes it easier for them to work together.

Employees can give each other feedback using standard templates to make sure that feedback is always actionable and useful. Employees get more valuable coaching, mentoring, and direct reports from their managers more often.

Employee surveys help with the whole journey and give employees a safe way to give feedback on the process. This will let employers deal with problems and feelings right away before they spread and hurt the morale of the whole company.

Work smarter, not harder | Assembly

Assembly is a safe and adaptable digital headquarters that consolidate teams under a centralized system. It interfaces with Slack, Google G Suite, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Paychex, and Paylocity.

Assembly provides process management, workflow customization, and workflow automation, in addition to robust admin tools and superior security.

It provides solutions for employee engagement by promoting an environment in which employees feel appreciated, engaged, and able to communicate directly with the individuals in the business who are best suited to give them the answers they need in real-time, hence enhancing productivity.

Through manager empowerment, businesses may add structure, transparency, and responsibility, and provide their managers with the tools they need to improve their abilities and become the manager their team requires.

The monthly price per member for the Business pricing plan is $4.50 per month. This package provides access to limitless flows and blocks, members and guests, storage, version history, Microsoft Teams bot, Slackbot, administration, and security systems. In addition, it offers custom culture rewards, customized core values, money, custom culture rewards, gift cards, and fulfillments, as well as member automation.

Software for team communication

Software for team communication
Software for team communication

Small and large businesses can both benefit from using a team communication tool to foster more cooperative working cultures that boost productivity and profitability.

For decades communication in a workplace required a face-to-face approach at set periods during the day, week, and month. This necessitated holding off on receiving project guidance or response on a group proposal until the following meeting. With the advent of email and text messages sent straight to mobile devices, there was an increase in 24-hour communication and increased demands on employees’ time outside of the 9-5 workday.

With team communication software, team members can schedule their meetings, lunch, and office hours to show as busy and silent notifications so they can work uninterrupted.

Through automation and high-definition digital programs, team communication software can also replace expensive landlines and switchboard services.

Made for business owners, not IT wizards | Nextiva Phone System

Nextiva is a business phone service that operates using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It provides business communication solutions by way of team messaging, video conferencing, call centers, call pop, phone services, call recording, online faxing, auto attendants, business analytics, and mobile apps.

There is no need to keep track of minutes when you have unlimited calling throughout the United States and Canada. Their high definition (HD) speech quality is designed to be free of the distracting static that other services have.

Everyone may see who is available to take calls or chats at any given moment thanks to the system’s real-time presence indicator. In addition, there is a conference line that can accommodate gatherings of up to nine people and helps teams collaborate more effectively through the use of video and screen sharing.

Through the use of online faxing, it is possible to send faxes in the same manner as email; they are digital, safe, and do not require any additional hardware, cables, paper, or spools.

Because voicemails are now delivered by email, members of the team no longer need to check their voicemails or jot down important information such as names, numbers, and details. When they call the customer back, employees are able to visually reference the same message that was left by the customer.

Because of the auto-attendant, there will be no need to provide individual, direct phone numbers to each of your clients for each member of your staff. Customers can be readily connected to the member of the team most qualified to address their needs by dialing one number that is published both online and in other marketing materials.

It is priced affordably, ranging from $14.94 to $26.95 each month for each individual user.

Your workforce problems are solved in a single solution – Shiftnote

Shiftnote is part of the Shiftforce Suite, an enterprise work management system. Shiftnote helps teams communicate and schedule.

The daily log book helps managers maintain safety, food handling, cash handling, and employee management compliance across various sites.

Managers can combine notes, conversations, and sales data.

Employers can auto-schedule, establish holiday pay, set overtime, print schedules, and view availability rosters.

The bulletin board is used to approve, deny, limit, and block time requests during busy periods. Employees can trade shifts and message directly.

Employers can prevent problems with Shiftnote’s features. The Forecaster function allows you to add budgets and sales that will be automatically pushed to all schedules throughout the respective periods.

It has a billing interface and integrates with POS systems to simplify financing.

From staying on top of your to-dos to making your schedule work for you, Evernote helps bring order to the chaos

Evernote is a web application that facilitates distant team collaboration by providing tools for online organization and communication. It is much more than just a cloud-based solution for collecting notes. Images, to-do lists, contracts, PDFs, and notes may all be organized in a single location for easy access by businesses. This is possible for all forms of communication and materials relating to individual clients and projects.

The web clipper gives users the ability to immediately cut essential data from websites and save it as an attachment to particular files. The robust search and keyword tag system allow for the searching of in-text emails, PDFs, and even images. You can clearly convey your thoughts and the concepts you want to develop by sketching and annotating papers and photographs.

The dashboard provides you with a bird’s-eye view of the current day, week, month, and year. You can take your project planning to the next level with the help of Evernote’s integrations with Google Drive, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Gmail.

A free plan has limited functionality such as a home dashboard that can hold up to three different widgets, a webpage clipper, and up to 60 megabytes of monthly upload space.

The personal plan costs $10.99 per month and provides users with additional features such as 10 GB of monthly upload space, a personalized home dashboard, access to a variety of widgets, and the capacity to generate custom templates. This plan assists users in maintaining order at home and within their families.

The professional plan is $13.99 a month and includes even more tools, making it possible for you to complete any job at work or at home.

Get Channels, a data-driven phone system that lets you know exactly who’s calling so you’re always prepared

To maximize sales and customer satisfaction, businesses are equipping their personnel with channels. It is possible for them to connect sales calls from any webpage they are on and to receive calls directly from customers.

You have the option to keep your current phone number, get a new one generated, or receive international phone numbers from more than 60 different countries across the world.

Your employees don’t need to give up their private numbers.

Channels offer a data-driven hotline that lets clients contact your organization in case of an issue or inquiry. The hotline may be constructed in less than five minutes, and you are provided with a dedicated support widget.

With caller id systems that display customer information, agents are better equipped to provide customers with a quick resolution and an enjoyable experience. Every call is recorded and stored so critical details aren’t lost.

Abandoned carts can be recovered and sales increased using their eCommerce widgets.

Their pricing structure is divided into several tiers.

For $0 a month for up to three users and 250 online calls, perfect for a business just starting started.

At $24 a month, you can get up to 5000 calls a month for three users and add on extra users for $8 more each person.

You can obtain five users on an unlimited plan for $24 each per month for a total of $64 per month.

Software for working together from afar

Software for working together from afar
Software for working together from afar

Using remote collaboration software, teams may collaborate on projects and employers can monitor workflow. Good remote collaboration will provide data analytics that allows employers to determine the duration of a project or deliverable and use this information for future projects in order to reduce employee fatigue.

Not everyone operates in the same manner. The ability to explain workflow in numerous formats guarantees that everyone understands the project’s entirety and its role. Workflow diagrams and timeframes for deliverables reveal key components of the project that are deficient or absent.

The following software for remote collaboration provides these features and more. is an online team office where people can manage projects, set goals, and work together as if they were all in the same office. It gives you workflow tools that fit your needs and help your team work better together, be more efficient, and get more done.

With the integration features, you can link MailChimp, Office 365, Canva, Twitter, box, Shopify, and other tools you already use. The built-in Zoom feature lets users assign tasks and keep track of what needs to be done during the meeting.

Kanban, Gantt, and timeline views make it easy to assign tasks and keep track of workloads in real-time.

Project managers can improve processes and make them more efficient by seeing what needs to be done and keeping the amount of work in progress to a minimum.

Team members can remotely work together and give feedback on projects and deliverables as if they were in the same room thanks to tools like forms, whiteboards, and real-time notifications.

The time tracking features let managers and employers keep an eye on projects, keep track of how long they take, and use that information for future projects so that employees don’t get burned out from working on projects with impossible deadlines.


Favro sets itself different in software as a service (SaaS) solutions. It offers a wide range of tools to help employees become more self-sufficient, including live webinars and re-recorded sessions on a variety of topics.

Real-time, effective solutions for fixing software bugs are provided for software companies and live gaming businesses.

It offers docs inside Favro to replace Word or Google Docs and allows the user to compose marketing strategy and planning sessions directly in Favro.

With the use of team and planning boards, divisional teams can work on tasks that are unique to that division. Client expectations may be managed and project transparency is ensured by allowing teams from various departments to work together in real-time when the project is launched. In order to facilitate cross-divisional cooperation and to alert all parties when a problem or task has been resolved, task relations on various boards can be used to foster collaboration.

Digital name tags, which appear within a document or project to highlight who is working where at any given time, make it easier to plan and write in real-time.

Users can save time by automating and notifying themselves of routine procedures. You can customize automation to meet the specific requirements of any group or project.

Favro connects with most existing platforms such as git hub, Slack, Jira, Google Drive, One Drive, Microsoft, Dropbox, and Unito.


Teamwork is user-friendly, adaptable, and packed with a variety of features. In addition to enabling users to create tasks and projects and upload files, it also provides additional capabilities that are absent from simple systems.

No Outgrowth

It ensures that your company will not outgrow the software as it expands. They offer first-rate customer service and are always willing to lend a hand to those in need.

You are able to get real-time updates on the status of the projects you are managing. It is thanks to their

  • portfolio management,
  • time tracking, and
  • reporting dashboards.

Check your project’s Gantt chart or task list to see what steps are still outstanding and what steps have already been completed.

Assigning tasks to members of your team and keeping track of the amount of time they spend on those tasks will help you plan future projects more effectively. It’ll minimize burnout among your workforce.


The insights that are provided by the data give you the ability to look deeply

  1. into the resources of your team and
  2. obtain a complete picture of who is at capacity and
  3. who has room to take on extra work?

Integration is also possible with the tools that you already employ. Examples are

  1. Xero,
  2. Zapier, and
  3. Quickbooks.

So you won’t miss a beat in your workflow.

Teamwork provides crucial project task management, milestone acknowledgments, and messaging. It does so at a price that is highly competitive, beginning with the Forever Free plan for five users.

Teamwork is also suited for small teams. You can

  • manage numerous projects,
  • receive 20 project templates,
  • use time tracking and invoicing tools,
  • take pleasure in agile views with workflows,
  • receive unlimited free client users,
  • and more

for $10 per user per month (with a minimum of three users).

You may scale up to $18 per user each month for larger teams (with a minimum of five people). This includes

  1. 50 project templates,
  2. workload resource management, and
  3. a number of other features.

In the event that you require further help, Teamwork also provides scalability options that can be accessed through additional subscriptions.

Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan helps small teams manage work. It features drag-and-drop plan timelines with color-coded tasks so team members can see what’s due and when. The public holidays function shows when international colleagues are off or less available.

Employers and project managers may visualize and balance workloads using

  1. plan timelines,
  2. giving everyone a clear perspective and
  3. the capacity to keep on top of the project.

Manage Tasks

You may manage tasks from timelines or boards and add checklists, feedback, and file submissions for more depth. Creating Kanban boards with user-specific procedures helps you develop company-specific project plans.

Toggl Plan automates recurring task generation and sends in-app and email notifications when tasks are complete or late.

Work Dashboard

My Work Dashboard lets team members create personalized dashboards. External stakeholders can view project details on read-only timelines.

  1. Limitless team timelines,
  2. visual workload management,
  3. unlimited plan boards,
  4. in-app and email notifications,
  5. Toggl Track connections, and
  6. shareable timelines

are available for $8 per user each month.

All the above capabilities plus

  • workspace guest users,
  • project data exports,
  • SSO, and
  • priority support

cost $13.35 per user per month.

What are the advantages of using software to facilitate remote work?

What are the advantages of using software to facilitate remote work?
What are the advantages of using software to facilitate remote work?

Remote work software can help organizations

  • minimize burnout,
  • boost employee morale,
  • improve team member retention,
  • develop diverse and inclusive environments,
  • and reestablish company culture and connection.

They can also boost

  1. client communication,
  2. capture sales, and enable your team to give real-time top-notch customer service

regardless of where they live.

Is there free software to work from a distance?

Free remote work software possibilities include DOJOIT.COM, Slack, Trello, and the Google Suite.

The majority of the previously discussed applications also have free versions such as DOJOIT. The disadvantage of free versions is that they typically offer fewer functionality and branding possibilities for personalization and customization.

Do not let distance prevent you from assembling a strong team of employees or from accepting the position you desire.

You will find the top

  • remote working tools,
  • communication software, and
  • collaboration solutions

for your remote team or job in this collection. Most provide free trials, so you can implement one immediately.

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