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Rental of forklift trucks or pallet trucks in Houston Texas:

Get forklift rental in Houston Texas

Rental of forklift trucks or pallet trucks in Houston Texas:

How renting electric forklifts and pallet trucks can help you move materials in Texas:

The rental of electric trolleys and pallet trucks is essential for the handling of materials, on and off site. CGTE rental park offers you different rental options for both types of construction equipment according to your needs!

What is the difference between electric trolleys and pallet trucks?

Although electric forklifts and pallet trucks are two types of machinery that can be used for the same function, they are very different from each other. Electric forklifts, such as the GDP30 MX YALE model, are equipped with a driver’s station and are therefore more useful for jobs where we need to move our rental machinery frequently. Pallet trucks, on the other hand, are types of forklifts that are less bulky than electric forklifts and therefore more useful if we operate in confined spaces.

What are the rental trolleys offered in Houston Texas

Electric cart

If you need to rent an electric forklift to run your operation that can be used for intense, high-productivity applications with long hauls and lift heights, we recommend the Yale J 2.5 XN. This type of rental electric trolley can reach up to 5000 mm weighing up to 2500 kg, it is a suitable equipment for both indoor and outdoor applications in sectors such as logistics.

Diesel trolley:

Diesel trucks are often rented for automotive, logistics and retail applications. If for your operation you need continuity of power even in the most demanding and demanding internal and external applications, the rental of a forklift in the H 2.5 XT HYSTER model will be useful. Instead, if what you are looking for in the rental of your diesel forklift is a high maximum capacity, you can rent the GDP30 MX YALE model, with a maximum capacity of 3000 kg and a lifting height of 5185 mm.

Off-road diesel truck:

The CGTE rental fleet also offers you forklifts designed for activities on difficult terrain or with obstacles. The MH 25-4 MANITOU and Manitou M50-4 rental forklifts have respectively a maximum capacity of 2500 kg and 5000 kg and thanks to their 4-wheel drive and their high ground clearance, they are able to allow you to move anywhere. Their cab accessible from both sides increases ease of use and the high driving position offers a 360° panoramic view that is synonymous with safety. Contact here for Forklift Rental in Houston Texas

Pallet trucks for hire in the CGTE fleet in Houston TX:

The two types of pallet trucks for hire in the CGTE rental fleet are hand pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks. the hand pallet truck is ecological, safe, simple to use, and reliable and is the basic solution for moving materials within any type of space with finished flooring. The rental manual pallet truck offered by CGTE guarantees a capacity of up to 2200 kg and a fork length of 1200 mm.

Renting an electric pallet truck is recommended for smart, fast, and reliable handling of material in Houston Texas. It helps the business in congested spaces with smooth, finished floors. The electric pallet truck in the CGTE rental fleet is particularly suitable in the retail – logistics – building materials – automotive industry – food and beverage industry to move loads up to 1600 kg. In addition, this electric pallet truck is ergonomically designed to require minimal effort to maneuver the truck, with a mid-height tiller attachment to reduce operator fatigue. Read more about forklift here

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