The Ultimate Guide To Creating Custom Wholesale Catalogs

The main aim of the custom wholesale catalogs is to have a range of available goods to be understood as quickly as possible, and it should be appreciated for its design. These essential qualities of logs are one of the most effective sales tools in the market to expand your business. The goal of the catalog’s design should be to communicate its information while also appealing to buyers with a pleasing layout, imagery, and language. Good eye-catching catalog design will feature solid and attractive images of the products you are selling at suitable resolution nearby smaller satellite images of products and their prices. Catalog designers should balance dominant photos, smaller pictures, and large text images. The space in the catalog should be utilized to facilitate sales better through product descriptions. 

Technical Details Of Booklet Pages:

The booklet pages are printed and then folded to form these pages as the custom wholesale catalogs design. The designers should layout the catalog pages according to their needs. Software like Adobe In Design is the best choice for laying out catalog pages. Adding page numbers to the design is helpful for both the graphic artist creating the wholesale catalog and the readers trying to follow through searching for some specific product. High-quality images are essential for the overlooked booklet; even the best printing cannot overcome the dark pictures and poor resolution.

Essential Parts That Make The Catalog:

A catalog is a document that is composed of many different parts. Some are always used, like a table of contents, the cover and back cover, and other vital documents depending on the kind of project that is required:

  • Front cover 
  • Back cover
  • Thumb index
  • Introduction pages (advertising, descriptions)
  • Table of contents (sections, sub-subsections, page number indicators)
  • Catalog (chapter separators)
  • Table of contents (by code or alphabetic order)
  • Final pages (advertising, description, notes)

Wholesale Catalog Layout:

With all the necessary custom boxes elements, you can move on to the practical stage of catalog layout creation. In this stage, the graphic designer is involved, so if you are creating the first edition of the catalog and looking for the restyling of your previous layout. The designer can be a house worker or outsourced to a communication agency or a  freelancer. 

The designer will help you to create your ideas about how to organize both the  images and product information and take care of the style of:

  • Cover: (front cover and back cover of catalog book)
  • The Introduction: (pages of the booklet)
  • Page/Master Layout: (header, thumb, index, footer, category’s color, page columns 1, 2, 3, or more)
  • Table of Contents: (page number sort order, classic sort order, photographic table of content)
  • Alphabetical order: (by product or by category)
  • Product layouts: (check four examples of different product layouts in the image below)

Publishing Process Of  Custom Wholesale Catalogs:

If the layout is approved, one of the problematic steps begins the publishing process. You should insert the information in the wholesale catalog in a structured way:

  • Manual Published Custom Catalogs: (copy and paste requires a lot of time and is subject to error)
  • Automatic Publish: (premises software for these software packages is costly as support is a paid service and layouts are difficult to create)
  • Cloud Published Services: (Cloud software is cheap, catalog layouts are fully editable, and the support is included in the project).

Format Of A Catalog:

Custom wholesale catalogs design created in the (DTP) Desktop Publishing Software of your choice, you will be able to produce:

The format of the catalog is an essential part. A log is always created digitally, but the finishing products can be of two kinds:

  • Print Catalog
  • Digital catalog 

Printing Catalogs:

Printing catalog is used for desk catalog.

Digital Catalogs:

Digital catalogs can be used for PDF files and flip books etc.

What Type Of Catalogs Can Be Created?

A printed and digital catalog can be used for different situations and reasons. A catalog is an essential tool. With the help of this, you can also focus on making it.

For example:

  • Attractive
  • Functional

Importance Of Designing The Catalog:

A catalog, like a business card or logo, can identify your brand awareness. Marketing specialists know how much accuracy is involved in creating a log and how much a good record can make a difference in sales.

It is essential to create a catalog that can attract your buyers as much as possible:

  • Appealing
  • Functional

Appealing Wholesale Catalog:

It has an excellent firm cover, a clear and modern layout, and the use of high-quality paper to create an outlook of your catalog.

Functional Wholesale Catalog:

It is easy to consult and design according to the needs of designers.


Custom wholesale catalogs allow you to work online quickly and easily. Create an existing product into a log to improve existing marketing materials. You can add or import some effects with the design of catalogs and create your entire product database online.

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