Things to know before selling a house

selling a house – It’s never simple to decide to sell your house. Yet once you’ve decided to sell, a tonne of fresh inquiries need to be addressed. In this post, we’ll look at some crucial factors you should be aware of when selling your house. 

What should the pricing be?

It is crucial to comprehend the ideal asking price for the property. Although there is always an opportunity for negotiation, sellers and buyers typically agree that talks do not go past Rs. 2–3 lakh of the advertised amount. You won’t find a buyer if you offer a price that is excessively above market value since the broker network will assume that you are not sincere about selling. Researching the history of recent sales in your neighborhood using brokers, society offices, and property portals is the best approach to determining the right price. In order to defend your pricing to a buyer, you might also have a bank conduct an appraisal of your property. This is advantageous if your home is situated in an area where few transactions are occurring.

How can you tell if a buyer is real?

You must only speak with potential purchasers; otherwise, you would be losing your energy and time by displaying the properties to everybody. To the greatest extent feasible, try to learn as much as you can about the buyer’s occupation, employer, present residence, family history, etc. You should conduct your own research even if the dealer will also confirm this information. The buyer’s willingness to pay a small sum to reserve the apartment should be reviewed once you are pleased with the background investigation. In most cases, if the buyer is reasonably convinced that the deal will proceed, he or she’ll be ready to shell out a significant token sum. You may also visit Gurgaon’s Projects for more information.

How do I pick a reputable broker?

To choose a trustworthy broker, you should tap into your family and close friends network. Brokerage services are frequently provided by large property consultancies. There are advantages and disadvantages to both local and institutional brokers. The benefit of using a local broker is that they are more likely to have quick success finding buyers because they are familiar with the area well. You may feel more confident working with larger brokers because they may be more approachable and professional. Nonetheless, there are sufficient instances of neighborhood brokers who have successfully closed agreements for both buyers and sellers. You should research the broker’s history before choosing him or her. You may also visit for more projects.

Is working with a broker absolutely necessary?

There is no requirement that you use a broker to sell your apartment. You could locate an interested party for the apartment on your own and work with a real estate agent to handle the paperwork. Nevertheless, you might also list your house via web platforms. These real estate portals give you free access to a lot of potential buyers and don’t charge you anything to list your home. As the person in charge of promoting your property, you need to make sure your home is spotless, take appealing photos for online display, and choose your home’s USP.

Which obligations does a broker have?

The broker you choose will have a big impact on how smoothly you can sell the home. In addition to finding you a client and a fair price for your apartment, your broker is accountable for making sure that all the necessary documentation is already in place and that the transaction goes without a hitch. His duties are as follows:

  • Cross-referencing the bank’s mortgage paperwork with those of the buyer
  • Coordinating the signing of the MOU
  • Obtaining for you society NOC for the house’s sale
  • Obtaining a small sum of money from the buyer
  • Making certain that the Agreement for Sale contains all the necessary information
  • Making sure the buyer pays the registration and stamp fees before the Agreement for Sale is inked.
  • Answering any questions or concerns the customer may have regarding the seller during the deal

The broker’s job isn’t actually done until the buyer receives the keys to the apartment and you receive the entire money for your apartment. Broker fees typically range from 1 to 2 percent of the agreed-upon price of the apartment from the seller for all of these services.

How will you proceed if the bank loan approval is not granted?

You should be informed that the bank typically requires between 45 and 60 days to complete the loan amount. The Agreement text makes reference to this duration. A bank may, however, occasionally revoke the sanction. The Agreement will then be void, and the seller will not be obligated to sell the buyer the property in question. The buyer must forfeit the nominal sum, and both parties sign a cancellation instrument that renders the sale agreement invalid.

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