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Tips for ranking well on Google

Appearing at the top of searches on the famous engine is a dream for many entrepreneurs, young and old. But why do some succeed with flying colors, when others struggle?

When looking for something on the Internet, 94% of Internet users start by asking Google, and google introduces a new trick i m feeling curious. And are content to click on the first links that appear on their screen. For merchants and service professionals, it is therefore essential to be well-referenced to have the best chance of attracting shoppers to their homes when they do a search related to the service or the products that we offer. And being well-referenced means necessarily appearing on the first page of the results. Indeed, more than 90% of the traffic that comes from Google comes from a click made on the first page. And even within this first, there is a hierarchy.

The Site is Positioned Among the First Three on Google

Thus, a site positioned among the first three on Google will be viewed ten times more than one place at the bottom of the page. It is estimated that 40% of visitors click on the first answer, 22% on the second, and only 4% on the ninth. Companies have even made it a business and provide advice to help entrepreneurs improve their SEO and work on their presence on the Net. Like the site, which announces “How to be on the first page of Google?” but comes third in the search engine results. Like what, even for the pros, the Google algorithm sometimes remains mysterious!

It is extremely easy to make a page appear in the first position on a highly targeted, geolocated, uncompetitive request, for example, “sushi restaurant in Nantes”, “says Hervé Roche, marketing manager for the Gereso training group and author. of the book “ Web marketing in 150 questions ”. “On the other hand, it is much more difficult to obtain the first position for a broader, non-targeted, or non-geolocated expression, such as “electric bike purchase”. Nothing, a priori, can assure you of this. If there was a magic formula, it would be known! 

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SEO rules in Google

We call all of these rules SEO, for “Search Engine Optimization”. “This is called natural and free referencing,” explains Olivier Bernardi, director of Studio Ikadia, a specialist in site creation and referencing. “Being well placed in Google results requires good use of keywords and their consistency with the content of each page.” Your site must therefore be well structured, secure, and quick to display, especially on a smartphone. But above all, you must offer original and relevant content in relation to your sector of activity. Google’s robots detect copy-pasted from other sites and will penalize you if you use them.

Obtain Excellent Natural Referencing

By being a little clever, it is thus possible to obtain excellent natural referencing. This is what the two leaders of Maison Gramm’s, a small food tech start-up founded in 2014, experienced. At the start, a simple observation: popcorn is considered a poor quality product, especially present in fairgrounds and cinemas. They had the idea of ​​offering a qualitative and 100% natural and artisanal version. And create a site that they want to be qualitative and that they regularly feed with original content. “We didn’t do anything in particular, but we were among the first to offer this product and to talk about it,” says its founder Alexandre Rivallain, who is also IT manager. Also, they came at the top of searches when

A boost from Google boosted their notoriety and brought them their first customers. Today, their popcorn and coated fruit are sold in more than 400 delicatessens in France, Belgium, Japan, in luxury hotels and bars, and even at Fauchon. This also brings them traffic: “Grocers are looking for us on the Web, as are people who have seen us in the establishments where we are distributed.”

Search Engine Advertising

If you can’t naturally rise to the top of the search results, you have another way to be displayed at the top of the page: pay! This is called SEA, for “Search Engine Advertising”, or paid to reference. It is a question of buying keywords, which will make it possible to appear at the top of searches with the logo “Announcement”. Their price? Not necessarily very high because, in fact, Google works like a stock exchange. “Some keywords will only cost you a few cents, while others, very competitive, can quickly climb, details Hervé Rioche. For example, if you buy “locksmith Paris”, each click on your link could cost you 100 to 150 euros. The reason is simple: we are there in case of emergency,

Obviously, if some are ready to spend so much, it is because the game is worth the candle. For the famous “Paris locksmith”, in particular, it is on average one in four visitors would subscribe to their services after clicking on a link. Services whose cost everyone knows is much higher than the initial bet! “At Gereso, we have a budget of 3,000 euros per month for our SEA. Google is so statistically sharp that we can accurately quantify our return on investment. Thus, for such a budget, we generate a monthly turnover of between 12,000 and 15,000 euros. As a result, this type of observation has become a full-time job: many companies have an employee entirely dedicated to analyzing traffic, and that of the competition.

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