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Top 5 Most Popular Sponge Cakes

Sponge cake is a well-known kind of cake and is the reason for various great treats. As the name suggests, sponge cake is light. It is baked using flour, eggs, and sugar. Unlike a traditional butter cake, this cake contains minimal fat other than egg yolk. These cakes require hand folding. Dry ingredients are mixed into whipped eggs, or probably whipped egg whites are folded into the remainder of the batter. When you want to order cakes online, there are two main kinds of sponge cake: American and European. The American is more moist and sweet and contains no strong fat, so it is great for weight-conscious people. The European variant will, in general, be tastier yet drier.

What are American Version Cakes?

American cakes — chiffon cakes, plume or daffodil sponges— and nut sponge cakes are rich, sticky, and delightful enough to be the star. They are plain or with just enough fruits and whipped cream.

What are European Cakes?

European wipe cake, called Genoise cake, is the establishment for most Eastern European treats. For this kind of cake, eggs are beaten entirely. A limited quantity of softened butter is also added to the batter. The outcome is a more tasty, less-sweet cake than an American cake. The cake will generally be dry, so syrups and alcohols are frequently added.

Here, we will depict the most well-known sorts of sponge cakes. 

Genoise Cake

Genoise is named after its origin, Genoa. It has a place with a group of light and vaporous sponge cakes. While the strategy for making this batter is like a basic sponge cake, it varies in that it contains liquefied unsalted butter. The addition of melted butter produces a delicious sponge cake. For example, the chocolate genies is made by adding cocoa powder. Genoise can be made excluding the butter and will be known as fatless sponge cake.

Angel Food Cake

This cake is prepared with egg whites alone, and no egg yolks. The egg whites are whipped and then a granulated sugar is added and mixed until it becomes too firm. The flour is then tenderly mixed in. This gives a white, vaporous, and soft cake; it will generally be dry on the surface. This sponge can also be dampened with sugar syrup, loaded with whipped cream, and decorated and loaded up with fresh fruits. In this cake recipe, you can also use egg whites as the raising agents.

Swiss Roll Sponge Cake

This cake is very soft, made in thin sheets, and heated at high temperatures as low or medium intensity will bake it into a bread roll. You can add seasoning or flavoring depending upon the usage of this sponge. This sponge is also named roulade. It is used for making Swiss rolls. Seasoned or flavored cream is spread on the wiping sheet and rolled into a cylinder shape.


The egg white and egg yolks are used in this kind of cake recipe. They are, anyway, first separated. Whipped independently (egg whites and sugar to make meringue) then combined back as one. In this sponge cake, the eggs are used as a raising specialist in the recipe. Other chemical raising agents are not used in this cake recipe. The Biscuit Sponge cake is dryer than other sponge cakes; however, it holds its shape fairly well. It is used to make a standard sponge cake for various types of tortes. You can also use it to make delicious Swiss rolls.

Chiffon Cake

Chiffon cake is extremely light and airy and has qualities of butter cake and sponge cake. The surface of a sponge makes it much more pleasing to a sweet tooth. However, unlike butter cakes, chiffon cakes use oil, whipped egg whites give aeration, and baking powder gives it a sponge-based surface. It is a speedy process to make this cake as the batter is made by oil, raising agent, and mixing flour and whipped egg whites. Chiffon cakes are also better because they don’t have immersed fats and depend only on oil.

So, these are some of the best and most popular sponge cakes made by talented bakers in the cake business. These are not all sponge cakes; there are many more out there. With the help of online cake delivery in Noida, you can easily order and send cakes online.

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