Top 6 Essential Features to Include in eLearning Apps

Technological advancements have significantly focused on making learning easier and more accessible for everyone. The wide-scale popularity of eLearning apps is clear proof of that. Many educational institutes have launched their apps to facilitate learners at an advanced level. Private educational channels and coaching centers are also taking the initiative to ensure better reach to their target audience.

There is high competition in the eLearning business. Launching an app does not mean you will automatically attract users. However, you must put more effort, time and resources into equipping your app with the necessary features. These features will ease the user experience and guarantee the success of your venture.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to get your hands on essential features to include in eLearning apps and ensure higher success and popularity rates.

Top 6 Must-Have Features for eLearning Apps

Remote learning is becoming the norm at a fast pace. Educational institutes offer eLearning apps to provide extra attention to interested students. eLearning apps help users maintain their course content, updates, timetables and other learning materials smoothly. However, all of this is only possible when you pay attention to the development process of the app and include essential features in it.

Here are the must-have features for eLearning apps which can boost their functioning, performance and popularity.

1. In-Application Messaging

In-application messaging is the first must-have feature for eLearning apps. The in-application messaging feature allows users to share their experiences, suggestions and issues with service providers for immediate resolution. It can also pave the way for interaction among the users to easily share and discuss updates regarding content materials. It can add more value to their learning and facilitate at numerous points. Many authorities contact mobile app development Dubai services and ask experts to add in-application messaging along with other features.

2. Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is the next must-have feature for eLearning apps. Personalized learning features can allow users to develop their study plans and track their performance. It can help learners break down the study materials according to their difficulty level and plan their study sessions accordingly. The feature can also offer little treats on completing goals and provide suggestions for amendments in the timetable. It will serve as the personal tutor of the users and help them accomplish their study goals without losing focus and motivation.

3. Push Notifications

Push notifications are another feature you should ensure in your eLearning apps. At times, users are so engrossed in achieving the learning goals that they miss updates. Push notifications can serve as reminders when new content material is added to the library. It can also notify the users about upcoming quizzes and remind them about the time. The push notifications can also share updates regarding performance and keep the users motivated. You can also share personalized notifications through these, so do not miss out on them.

4. Payment Channels

Payment channels are another essential feature of eLearning apps. It is up to you to offer learning materials to the users free of cost or charge a specific amount for them. Most service providers offer a free trial period and then require payment for registration. Including various payment channels in your app can offer ease to the users in clearing payments. You can also add details of previous payments in the section and offer strategies to earn discounts. However, make sure the payment feature does not distract the users repeatedly.

5. Easy Login

Easy login is another must-have feature for eLearning apps. This is the very first point of interaction of the user with the app. If the login is too lengthy and complicated, it will frustrate the users and make them rethink their pick. So, ensuring a simpler login with two-factor authentication at the time of registration will win you the favour of users. You can also allow them fingerprint account access to simplify login even more. Moreover, allow using the account on various devices or connecting with an email to transfer and access course materials smoothly.

6. Offline Learning

Offline learning is the last must-have feature for eLearning apps. Such apps require the users to have a stable internet connection to continue using the app. They cannot access the study material while offline. Constant internet connection often distracts learners as they get tempted to explore other apps and check messages. Offline learning can allow users to download learning material for a specific time and access it without an internet connection. You can hire app development services from SpiralClick to get a perfectly functioning eLearning app with essential features.

Are you struggling to develop a successful eLearning app?

If you are considering diving into the highly competitive market of eLearning apps, you must have expert app development skills. Feel free to contact and get experts on board if you lack in the area and get fully functional apps.

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