Travel Bloggers Make Money Online in 2023: Top Strategies

If you’re wondering how to make money online with your travel blog, there are countless ways. In this article, we’ll cover some of the most common methods, but there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy for making money blogging that works for all bloggers.

Whatever income stream you pursue, know that multiple streams are essential to your success. Below are best ways to make money online with a travel blog, but they don’t represent the only way to make money blogging about travel.

1. Advertise on your website

Did you notice the advertisement on My Page? These ads make up 35-45% of my income. The coolest thing about them is that they are completely passive income. In other words, you’re making money even while you sleep because your ads are showing on your page. That’s right. I am making money without doing anything.

How can I display ads on my website?

It would help if you were signed in to an ad management company or network to place ads on the website. To qualify, most businesses need enough traffic from search engines and social media platforms. Remember that blogging is a long game, and getting traffic can take a lot of time! If you want to get rich quick, don’t choose to blog.

You may not appear in Google search results or get a lot of traffic in the first year, but if you stick with it, you’ll make a lot of money from the ad network. Below we compare 6 companies that can advertise on your website. Best ad network for travel bloggers

1. Mediawine (MIT #1 Choice)

Many bloggers consider his Mediavine and AdThrive (his #2) the best. Signing up for Mediavine requires 50,000 sessions per month (50,000 people visit the site in 30 days). 50,000 seems impossible when you first start writing a travel blog. A certain blogger, I thought it was impossible, but I arrived!

But it was a lot of work, and I invested in a travel blogging course so I could get to work on Mediavine right away. On a personal note, before joining Mediavine, his number three on the list was at SHE Media. In the month, he switched ad revenue by nearly 6x from SHE Media to Mediavine. But I’ve heard that most bloggers tend to double or triple their ad revenue as he does.

2. Adthrive

To apply, you need 100,000 page views in 30 days. This means that visitors to her website have visited 100,000 pages.

3. She Media

Low-traffic bloggers have She media. She is said to need 20,000 sessions a month to apply, although some bloggers are approved for less. What many people hate about her SHE is that sign a one-year contract. Other companies do not require this.

If you read other reviews on SHE Media, you’ll see that many bloggers say the payouts are pretty good, but the customer service is sometimes lackluster. From my experience, she wasn’t terrible, but she wasn’t great either.

4. Monumetric

Monumetric says she only needs 10,000 sessions per month for a low-traffic blogger. What many people don’t like about Monumetric is that she charges a $100 setup fee to advertise on the site. This is something no other company has asked for.

5. Ezoic

Before She Media, I was in her Ezoic. At the time, she needed 10,000 sessions per month, but now there is no traffic requirement so she can join Ezoic with essentially no traffic. So, the more traffic you get, the more you earn, so don’t expect too much just because the payout for traffic is less.

Ads on the site slow down the site, and Ezoic is known to be the worst at this. They used her Leap tool to try to progress in this area, but looking at the travel blogging forums shows a general anti-Ezoic sentiment. I used Ezoic for about 4 months in early 2021, and I have nothing good to say about this company. They offered nothing in terms of service. It took me weeks to figure out (by myself) how to display ads.

Here’s Why We Don’t Recommend EZOIC

I’m Ezoic, and she had a terrible 2 months, but I’m glad I broke up with them. Ask him on the blog forums, and you’ll soon discover that Ezoic has a bad reputation. In short, it lived up to it. But I also understand that you need an income. That said, the best I can say is to try Ezoic and decide for yourself. Not.

6. Google Adsense

Like Ezoic, Google AdSense has no traffic requirements. I understand you make, at most, a few bucks a day. If you want to compare Ezoic to AdSense, you’ll get more with Ezoic, but I can’t recommend them. You can try it yourself and decide for yourself.

Country Paid Press Strips

Press Trips are provided with travel expenses, and travel expenses are also covered! How cool is that? For many people, yes. I don’t want to do it while traveling as it takes a long time to set up. However, many travel bloggers earning money by going on press trips. Contact your tourism office (sometimes called a national tourism office) or travel agency to secure paid press travel. There is usually much to write back on a list everyone signs before the trip.

How to get a travel blogger press strip?

Let’s say you want to earn money to travel to Morocco. Please get in touch with the Morocco Tourism Board first to see if they will pay you to come to Morocco and create content. If so, you both agree to go on a trip and blog about it later. Is it that easy? If you have a high-traffic blog with lots of social media followers or a completely dedicated blog (if you have a Moroccan blog, the Moroccan Tourism Board will likely say yes), Getting paid press trips is easy.

The Mexico Convenience Site receives free travel offers from travel agencies and hotels. So this space is just another reason to blog one focused travel blog. Most bloggers are just starting to get more out of paid travel.

Write sponsored posts

Another way to make money online with your blog is to write sponsored posts. This is when a company pays you to write a review of a travel agency or hotel, or of excellent travel products or about them. They’re paying you to advertise your site, but they want it in your voice – it resonates with your audience.

Come to think of it, and no one knows how to speak to an audience better than you, so companies give you creative control. You can contact the company yourself and offer to write a post promoting their product or service. In some cases, they may contact you, especially if you have a contact page on your contact page or website (such as this one) that links to your email address.

Network with other travel bloggers

The best way to make money online with your blog is to get referrals from other bloggers for paid opportunities. This may not pay off immediately, but the best travel bloggers have great co-workers who offer the occasional job.

Private Facebook Group

One of the perks of the travel blogging. I took was access to a private Facebook group. These let you ask instructors and advisors about course materials and connect with classmates who are also travel bloggers! I’m in the minority, but I can attest that the quality of information available in closed Facebook groups for bloggers is far superior to that in public groups.

People are nice because the teacher is in the group and nobody wants to be in trouble. We also have Women Travel Bloggers, Women Travel Creators, and Digital Eternal Wannabes, five of which are some of the best and most active Facebook blogging groups. Like most Facebook groups, you should take the information you receive with a grain of salt.

For the record: I’m not special! Anyone can be a successful blogger if they have a solid plan and remember that blogging is a marathon. I learned much from your travel blog and put it on the six-digit scale.

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