What is Microsoft 365 and what are its benefits?

We are proud to introduce our new Microsoft 365 service . I can imagine that when you introduce a new service you sometimes think: what’s in it for me? In this blog I would like to answer that question. There are quite a lot of advantages to Microsoft 365, so I think it just might be something for you with SharePoint development.

You probably recognize it: after a nice day at the office you are on your way home. You realize that you forgot to send your colleague another email and that you would make a few more adjustments to that one document. Because everything is on your PC at work, that is no longer possible. You take a notepad from your bag (read: open your agenda on your iPhone) and note that you still have to do this tomorrow.

Somehow it irritates you, because it would have been nice if you could have completed this in the train or at home.

That is exactly why we offer Microsoft 365. With this service you can work on your documents anytime and anywhere. That is the first advantage of Microsoft 365: flexibility. You can install Microsoft 365 on your smartphone, tablet and PC. All your Office programs, e-mail and calendar can be reached from these devices.

Another advantage is that Microsoft 365 is trusted . Most of us grew up with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. These programs are also still used by many companies. Because you know how these programs work, you can just get started with your documents. You can also work on the same document together with your colleagues . All changes you make are saved immediately. Efficient, don’t you think?

When you purchase Microsoft 365, you get 1TB of storage space in the Cloud. This space is very well secured . Protection against malware, spam, and other threats is built into Microsoft 365 as standard.

Another big advantage is that you pay per user . You take out a subscription with Microsoft 365 and you can change that flexibly. Great if you hire someone temporarily and they also need a professional email address.

What is also useful is that your services are automatically updated . This way you always work with the most recent versions.

The benefits of the Microsoft 365 applications

The Microsoft 365 environment consists of various applications that make collaboration easier. These applications make it possible to store data in the cloud. The advantage of Microsoft 365 is that data can be stored in different environments. Each environment has a different purpose, which means that the organization works in a structured way.

Store data in a SharePoint environment

A SharePoint environment makes it possible to store data securely for the entire organization. You can see SharePoint as an archive with all the documents that are important. The entire organization basically has access to this data, with the exception of excluded data. By properly setting up a SharePoint environment , employees get one central intranet in which all data will be stored. This makes it easier to find the right data within the organization.

Collaborate in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the collaboration platform of Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 offers several benefits, including collaborating with each other in Microsoft Teams. The Microsoft Teams platform gives departments one central place to store data. The data in Microsoft Teams is still being processed. This is different from a SharePoint environment, because it mainly contains documents that are already final.

Microsoft Teams therefore creates one central collaboration platform within the organization. The Microsoft Teams platform offers the following benefits:

  • Easily call colleagues from one environment
  • Send short messages via chat
  • Working together from the different teams channels
  • Online meetings from anywhere

The Microsoft Teams platform makes it easier with these functionalities to stay in touch with colleagues from anywhere.

A personal storage with OneDrive

Employees have a personal storage location for business data with OneDrive . This environment is private and only visible to the employee concerned. The advantage of a OneDrive environment is that data is stored in the cloud. In the event of loss or theft of a laptop, this data can be easily recovered. A user gets a minimum of 1 TB of cloud storage, giving employees plenty of space to store important work documents.

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