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What is Question-Answer Submission in SEO?

Nowadays, the technique of question-answer submission is in trend, and it is the latest tool of SEO. It has gained immense popularity owing to its optimum results. 

The question-answer strategy in SEO includes answering the questions posted by people on various sites and different online platforms. It has the power to generate high-end backlinks. These backlinks are useful in gaining knowledge and spreading the correct information about the brand. There are plenty of sites available that submit such types of Q&A.

If you are well informed about question-and-answer submissions in SEO, then you can rank the position of your website on the Google search results. While answering the questions, you can also provide direct links to your website. This will also impact the online traffic that you can generate.

Benefits of question and answer submission

The concept of question and answer is categorized into groups. Following are the benefits of learning question and answer submission-

  1. Helps in addressing the questions in the right way.
  2. Cut the transmission of false messages.
  3. Aids in gaining natural links.
  4. Provides organic and unfiltered traffic.
  5. You can hyperlink the answers to your website.
  6. Helps in Search engine optimization.

The following are the benefits of question-and-answer submission-

  1. Recent trend.

This does not necessarily mean that the search volume of the generic keywords is higher. We can see an extreme increase in the search volume of questions. However, at the same time, a slight decrease in the search volume of generic primary keywords. Interestingly, it happens with keywords from the same topic. 

  1. QA sites have become much more popular in the last year.

All the QA sites have gained popularity in the last year, and many people have started benefitting from them. Question-and-answer submission sites or question-answer sites are significant Off-page SEO activities which can provide you with good-quality backlinks and traffic to your website. 

These question-and-answer sites play a vital role in passing link juice to your website, as most searches on Google are questions.

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You can not only ask questions on these websites but also post quality answers if you have sufficient knowledge about that particular niche. 

The importance of question answer websites.

The question-answer websites are one of the most uncomplicated and best off-page SEO strategies, which have an array of pros such as-.

  1. It is known as one of the best link-building strategies for no cost, and it helps your website obtain high-quality backlinks.
  2. These question-answer sites constitute a significant source of information, and every answer or piece of information you share here is valuable. Thus, these sites promote the culture of sharing knowledge.
  3. The backlinks which are generated from this website help in the transfer of link juice to your site from a site which is authoritative. Many people avail of the services of SEO Geelong, which is a digital marketing SEO agency that provides different types of SEO services to its clients. It provides these services at a lucrative cost.
  4. Active participation in the sites will also help you increase the organic traffic and referral traffic to your site. The increment in traffic will also give you a positive impact on all the affiliate earnings.
  5. All these websites also play a significant role in connecting various people across the entire globe. These sites are known for the promotion of the interaction between random users on the internet, which adds to your knowledge. Thus, you will be able to hone your skills and get better at your SEO game.

Dofollow Vs Nofollow Question and answer websites.

The question-answer sites can be distinguished by using the backlinks they provide you, and there are two types of backlinks supplied by the sites such as-

Do-follow backlinks.

These links can pass the link juice to your website from an authoritative website. These links are the types of links that are cared for by the search engine bots while ranking websites in SERP, and these are mainly responsible for the increment in the traffic to your site.

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No follow backlinks.

These are the backlinks that cannot make any changes to your website and contain the Nofollow attribute in the HTML tag which tells the search engine bots, while crawling to don’t transfer the authority. These are the backlinks which cannot transfer the link juice from an authoritative website to your site.

With all these references, the question and the answer websites that provide you with dofollow backlinks are known as dofollow question and answer website whereas the question and answer websites that provide you with nofollow backlinks are known as the nofollow questions and answer sites.

Step by step process of question and answer submission.

  1. The very first step in submitting a question or an answer on a Q&A site for SEO is to identify the best website or the community which suits your niche perfectly.
  2. The next step is creating a profile on the selected websites with all the relevant contacts and personal information.
  3. You should wait until the further process as the administrator of the website needs to verify all your details and approve in order to post the questions and answers.
  4. After a successful verification, you can start posting relevant answers to all those questions which fit your niche perfectly. You should also try to concentrate on the topics related to your niche in order to benefit your website.
  5. It is your job to ensure that you publish correct information on the thread otherwise it will have a negative impact on your website.
  6. The language which has been used for answering the questions should be understandable to the users. You should be politically correct and try to keep it healthy.

The question and answer submission websites play a major role in SEO and studies say that the number of searches is increasing day by day. Some of the major studies say that the number of searches is increasing day by day and rather than searching for keywords, users search for questions on the search engines. The evolution of artificial intelligence has also resulted in helping users to search for anything on the internet without even typing a single word.

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