Why Localization Services are Important  for Business Growth?

The world has become a globalized village. In this globalized village, businessmen and entrepreneurs want to expand their reach beyond borders. You must be wondering how businesses can expand their reach because of the multiple languages spoken around the world. The answer is with the help of professional localization services. These services translate websites, softwares, and apps and make them resonate according to cultural and regional nuances.

At present many companies are moving towards e-commerce despite of brick and mortar stores. For this purpose, they develop the website of their company. The prospective customers interact with your business through websites. The customer’s interaction with your website is fruitful if you go for website localization services

Software and Mobile Localization 

Localization is important both for internal and external customers. Many global companies bought softwares or built in-house softwares according to their requirements. In case they bought the software, then to make it resonate with their business, they must take assistance from software localization services. Companies use softwares to integrate different processes among the different departments. For example, if you are running your company in the UK and you have opened a subsidiary in China. 

Then your company needs to integrate HR software with the China office. Before integration, you must go for professional software localization services. These services will help to mold the software according to the Chinese market. Moreover, it results in effective communication between the head office and the subsidiary.  

Significance of Localization for Your Business 

Let’s have a look at the significance of localization for your business.

Increase in Sales 

Do you know that 56% of eCommerce customers are of the view that a website in their mother tongue is more important to them than a price? In the tourism industry, 80% of EU citizens don’t purchase anything until the information is provided in their native language.  The global retailer Nivea has localized its website for each target market. It helped them promote their products and services locally. They also used graphics that are according to the preferences of the local buyers.

76% of customers tend to buy products and services if the information is provided to them in their mother tongue. Therefore, localization services help in increasing sales. 

Less Customer Churn 

According to Nelson Mandela, If you communicate with a person in the language that he understands, it goes to his head but if you talk to the person in his native language then it goes to his heart. Therefore to entice customers toward your products and services, you must localize your marketing content.

 The US small business administration and US chambers of Commerce stated that customers don’t churn because of price. However, they churn if they have a bad shopping experience. Localization of the website touches the heart of the people. For example, if you are targeting the Arab market then you can include women covering heads on your website. This localization effort shows that you respect the culture and traditions of the Arab countries. Moreover, it results in building long-lasting relationships with the customers resulting in less churn. 

Easy Interaction with your Brand 

In this era of digitalization, people’s lives are greatly influenced by the things that they see on social media platforms and mobile sites. Many businesses have integrated their websites with mobile apps. This integration can provide leverage if you go for mobile app localization services.

The benefit of this localization is that people can shop according to their preference on the go irrespective of their location. In this way, people can interact with the brand easily and enjoy the positive user experience. The positive user experience engages the customers with your brand resulting in more sales. 

74% of customers switch between the brands because of bad experiences. Moreover, 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a pleasant user experience. 

Helps in Targeting Different Segmentation

The localization solutions can help you in sharing customized messages with different target markets. Moreover, you can have control over your online presence while expanding your global reach. Furthermore, you can indulge yourself in segment marketing according to the preferences of the people. 

More Return on Investment 

Along with website and software, if you go for mobile app localization then you can yield a high return on investment.  The study by Distomo stated that if you localize your apps then downloads can increase up to 128%. App localization services will make people download more apps. More download means more sales and high ROI. 

Wrapping Up

In short, Software localization is important for internal customers. It increases the efficiency of business processes whereas website and mobile localization are significant for reaching a wider audience. All three localization solutions can help your business to grow. You must hire a professional translation agency that can provide website, software, and mobile localization.

Investing in localization services can help you develop long-lasting relationships and reduction in churn rates. More people can interact with your brand easily. On the other hand, you can effectively communicate in different segments of the market resulting in a high return on investment. 

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