Why You Really Need To Go For A Full Body MOT

Anyone who is really serious about their health should go for a full-body MOT. Through the full body MOT, you can get to know of health issues that would otherwise go undetected. That is way better than only going to a doctor when things are already wrong. A full body MOT in London doesn’t cost too much money. Yet it can be so helpful in protecting both your current and future states of health.

The general measures people take to protect their health are not always sufficient. Yes, eating healthy foods, exercising and sleeping well help. But in spite of those efforts, factors like everyday stresses can still cause problems. It may take years before one sees symptoms of these problems. This is because the disease processes develop gradually. And that is what makes it necessary to proactively check what is happening inside the body. One of the best ways to do that is by going for a full body MOT.

What exactly does a ‘body MOT’ refer to?

For starters, the initials MOT stand for Measurements, Observations and Tests.

Therefore when you go for a full body MOT, you get all vital measurements taken. Observations are made with regard to the health of all parts of the body. Then the relevant tests are carried out. You thus come out with a clear picture of the overall state of your health. It is unlike other types of checkups, which tend to be somewhat superficial. This goes deeper, checking for any alarming signs that may be cropping up anywhere within your body. So what makes the full body MOT stand out is the thoroughness with which it is carried out. It easily qualifies to be regarded as the best full body health screening.

In the course of the full body MOT, the heart, liver and kidney get thoroughly checked. Further, key markers of health get recorded like the levels of protein and cholesterol. Even muscle mass gets checked and recorded. The person’s risk of suffering a stroke is also taken into account and objectively measured.

By the end of the full body MOT, you are able to get advice on what you need to do to improve overall health. This advice is based on objective measurements, observations and tests: not guesswork.

The importance of the MOT

Through the full body MOT, it is possible to detect any underlying health conditions in good time. That is way before they start causing complications. This increases the chances of halting the progression of such health conditions. It also raises the likelihood of effective treatment.

Following the full body MOT, it is possible to get customized and personalized health advice. This is based on the actual state of health, as observed during the checkup. It is very different from the generalized health advice available for everyone.

Another importance of the full body MOT is in the fact that it yields peace of mind. You come out knowing that everything that could possibly be checked in your body has been checked. So there is the peace of mind which arises from knowing that you have done everything you could possibly do about your health. There is also the peace of mind which comes from knowing that health-related surprises are unlikely. Again, this is why the full body MOT is the best health screening in London for most people. After all, such peace of mind is really priceless.

The cost of a full body MOT

Given its comprehensive nature, one may fear that the full body MOT may be too costly. In actual fact though, there are different packages for this service. This means that you can select one that is within your means.

The total price for a full body MOT may start at around £595. And having paid that amount, you get a health checkup that is as thorough as possible.

Benefits of the full body Health Screening

Firstly, the full body MOT makes it possible for any underlying health conditions to be detected early. This is important because late detection often leads to poor treatment or mitigation outcomes.

Secondly, the full body MOT works on the basis of analyzing your individual health. That is as opposed to simply working with statistical models, to predict risk factors for various conditions.

Thirdly, the full body MOT is very thorough in its examination of your state of health. All relevant clinical observations are made. Then all tests that require to be taken are carried out. With regard to imaging, everything from MRI to CT scans and ultrasound is made use of. One even gets an ECG, as well as a digital mammogram. Ultimately, you find that no lurking disease can go undetected by checks that are so thorough. To put it differently, in the course of the full body MOT, every condition that could possibly be medically detected is detected.

Fourthly, the results of the full body MOT make it possible to receive health advice that is tailored to individual needs. You thus come out knowing exactly what you need to do, to preserve and improve your health.

Clearly then, the full body MOT is one of the best things you can invest in, with regard to your health. It really makes a difference. You can get in touch with a Private GP London clinic, for details on how to have a full body MOT.

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