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WPC Boards Manufacturer in Delhi

WPC Boards

It is an intelligent solution which has emerged as a substitute of wood and wood,plywood products, fulfilling the demands that are not in the scope of wood.

WPC Board is a modern and ecological composite material which is made of 60% PVC, 30% rice & wheat husk and 1% calcium carbonate and additives. It is the best substitute of Plywood because of its strength and durability. The major advantage of WPC lies in the fact that it retains the best properties of wood while eliminating all the downsides which one may face with woods.

For decades we have been cutting down trees to fulfil our need and demand of building products. The cost of the products made from plywood is too high. Along with the cost constraint there is limitation of colours available as well and the durability is also low. It is a versatile material with multitude application area. We can make all types of furniture using WPC Boards like Modular furnishing, Bathroom vanities ,kitchen , cabinets , interior, partitioning ,shoe rack,wardrobes, cupboards, tables, chairs and any type of interior and exterior furniture.

Alstone Industries WPC Boards are made to look and feel just like wood. The material can be machined with standard processing equipment,making it as versatile as wood. What is more, like plastic,the sheets are suitable for thermoprocessing i.e. they combine the benefits of both materials in a single product.

Alstone Industries is highly resistant to external influences such as sun,rain,snow or salt water, and as an alternative to tropical timber it also contributes to the protection of valuable natural resources. In contrast to conventional wood or wood based products, the material used in Alstone WPC Boards shows no sign of swelling. Furthermore it is UV resistant.

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Why Wood Polymer Composite Is The Best Replacement Of Plywood And Wood Products :

WPC Board is a revolutionary replacement for the wooden home construction products: It’s made up of wood polymer composite boards Material. The Wood deteriorates, cracks, rots fall under the category of organic material, which automatically makes it a breeding ground for bacteria and a hearty meal for the termites to latch on. The other reason why wood must be avoid is due to the fact that wood cannot be recycle, and cutting down of trees is harmful for our environment and leads to deforestation. WPC on the other hand, combines the properties of wood and Plastic, making it a highly durable and malleable material. Along with other advantages, WPC Boards is resistant to moisture, rotting, corrosion, aging, acid and chemical. It can both be polish and paint to match the shade of the door and wall well. The frames are available in different length and width.

Switching To Wood Polymer Composite Board Is A
Sustainable And Lucrative Alternate:

  • It is a complete substitute of Plywood and Water Proof Ply.
  • It is an environment-friendly option, since no cutting down of trees is require which essentially saves home of plenty of birds and animals.
  • WPC is a low maintenance product. The furniture prepared from WPC don’t require waxing, oil-coating or any other treatment. They are color-fast and do not change their shape over time.
  • WPC Board loves water and is moisture proof, durable and firm. They are environment friendly and fully recyclable. They are the perfect substitutes for wood.

The material can be well machine with utilizing standard processing equipment, making it as versatile as wood. Like plastic, the sheets are suitable for thermo processing i.e. they combine the benefits of both materials in a single product.

Alstone WPC Board is resistant to external influences, like snow, rain, salt water, sun, etc. It is a famous and very well used alternative to the tropical timber, this means it stands in line as the protection of valuable natural resource. The material used in Alstone Industries shows no sign of swelling, unlike conventional wood. The product is a well-known UV-resistant product which makes it very useful.

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