You Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

Best friends share an intense bond, yet some people can sabotage their friendship.

This episode of You follows a man as he visits his deceased best friend’s grave to fulfill an agreement he made to his girlfriend. However, she grows increasingly upset at how often he visits their deceased friend’s grave.

Joe’s New Life in London

Joe may have managed to escape Rhys Montrose, but his life in London still holds plenty of surprises. Not only must he contend with a new adversary, but also Kate’s billionaire dad and Lady Phoebe’s former husband.

In episode 6, Joe’s best friend Nadia confides that she has noticed Rhys running alone every Saturday. This presents Joe with an opportunity to take down the Eat the Rich Killer.

However, Rhys must find someone to blame for the murders. Otherwise, Rhys will ensure that he meets with swift destruction.

Meanwhile, Joe makes plans to track down Rhys’ archenemy. However, this proves more complex than his prior efforts at exposure of Rhys for the murders.

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Rhys’ Nemesis

If you’ve seen You, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) is a wild character. He’s certainly not your average sultry partner.

Joe struggles to establish himself in London, and meets Rhys Montrose – an author and political aspirant with a troubled past. His memoir, A Good Man in a Cruel World, earned him praise and the pressure to enter politics.

They quickly bond over their shared backgrounds. Though both were born into poverty and endured a challenging childhood, they have come out stronger and wiser for it.

They make excellent friends and possess the perfect chemistry to create an intriguing dynamic in their relationship.

Joe, however, is not the ideal partner for Rhys’ murder game. So Joe agrees to follow along with Rhys’ instructions – including finding someone else to blame for the crimes.

Kate’s Billionaire Dad

Kate’s (Charlotte Ritchie) billionaire dad, Tom Lockwood, is an uncompromising activist investor and businessman who controls every aspect of her life. He’s known as “the worst man alive,” according to Kate; now he’s returned home with one demand: take over his company!

Meanwhile, Joe encounters Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman) at a gala fundraiser where she’s dating her classmate Edward. Nadia is overjoyed that Joe knows Lady Pheobe, but he dismisses her when she requests to meet the real thing.

Marienne also makes an appearance and puts up a valiant fight when drugged by Joe and locked away in an abandoned building. However, she becomes trapped by his obsession with Rhys Montrose, whom she believes to be the Eat the Rich Killer. He’s been spying on her too – could he be working with others from within the wealthy elite? Will he also kill her too? We won’t know for sure until we find out soon enough!

Lady Pheobe’s Ex-Husband

Lady Phoebe (Mia Kirshner) is still fighting, even after losing Hampsie to fire. Her financial struggles are real, but with some luck and sharp mind she should be able to stay afloat. Meanwhile, best friends Rhys (Rhys Mitchell) and Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) are causing additional issues but seem like the only ones who seem to care.

The ladies of the night are off to an exciting start, but their lives will not be without its challenges. Aside from having their sense of smell tested, Phoebe must make her own matchmaking decisions while Joe takes off on his own tangent. But most thrilling of all is that she may have to make one of those crucial bff decisions herself! Let’s hope she makes the right one even if it means missing out on Joe in the process – plus, hopefully she gets to make a cool one too!

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